If you have trees in your Redding backyard, you may think it is going to be near impossible to do a pool installation. Having a pool during the hot summers is something you’ve always wanted to have, but when you think about it, you may not think you are going to be able to have it. In this article, we are going to talk about pool installation with backyard trees.

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Pool Installation – Trees or Not

When you want a pool installation done in your backyard, we will work to help you make that happen whether you have trees or not. We have been in the pool industry for over 30 years and we know how to get around about any challenge that is thrown at us.

While having trees on your property is nice since it provides beauty and shade, there can be some drawbacks, especially when you are trying to do a pool installation.

Which Trees Should I Get Rid of?

While you might want to keep some of your trees, you need to know which ones you are going to have to get rid of when you are working on your pool installation. You have to think about the vision that you have for your pool and backyard. If you want to reduce the maintenance, you want to remove as many trees as possible. You need to think about the amount of debris the trees are going to produce. If you have fruit trees, you obviously would want to get those taken out. If you want to have the shade over your pool, you can think about where the trees are positioned and leave trees that are going to help you with shade.

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Will the Trees Damage My Pool?

Depending on the type of trees that you have, it could or it may not bother it at all. It usually takes around 10 years of root growth to bother anything because of the expansion of the trees. If you have a concrete pool, it should be able to withstand the growth of tree roots. Your pool deck, however, could be impacted.

Can I Remove Trees After the Pool Installation?

While it is possible to remove trees after your pool installation, it is going to cost more money to have it done this way. The reason it is going to cost more money is that the person that removes the trees is going to have to work around the pool and make sure they do not damage anything that is supposed to be left in place.

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Hassle Free Pool Installation

If you want to have a hassle free pool installation, make sure you get any trees out of the way that you do not want and need. We can help you with anything that you need to be done for your pool installation. We understand how these things work and can guide you through the entire process whether you are a first-time pool owner or if you moved to a new house and want a pool there as well.

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