Pool lighting is effective when it is dark outside and you are hosting a party that runs late into the night in your Raleigh backyard. It is the perfect opportunity to show off some of the flashy lights in your swimming pool and around your deck. There are also alternative ways to add some light to your swimming pool, such as glow in the dark tiles. In this article we are going to talk more about pool light as well as how glow in the dark tiles can be used in your pool.

pool lighting

Pool Lighting and the Use of Glow in the Dark Tiles

Deciding to add anything new to your backyard or swimming pool can be exciting, and glow in the dark tiles aren’t only fun but they are a good way to get pool lighting. These energy efficient tiles soak up the sun’s rays in the day and are then able to glow for up to 8 hours at night.

Being able to reduce the amount of energy used with installing glow in the dark pool tiles is a great way to get your money back. While you may still be interested in stalling a pool light or two it does not effect ways you can be energy efficient and save money. These tiles are like normal tiles that you would see in a house, so you don’t have to worry about a special installer. It is normal routine with these pool tiles, however; these tiles have a special coating for pool lighting.

pool lighting

Swimming at night is fun, and now you will be able to enjoy your pool even more at night, especially with the consideration of glow in the dark tiles. Pool lighting has a great advantage when you want to host parties or BBQs at night. This is going to allow your guests can stay longer and you are going to be able to have more fun with everyone swimming and enjoying your backyard at night. Glow in the dark tiles will help light up your swimming pool and you will be able create amazing memories under the stars.

There are hundreds of creative ways to incorporate glow in the dark tiles into your swimming pool design. Your pool design can have additional water features, such as a attached spa. When you decide to include the attached spa to your swimming pool, you will also be able to add more glow in the dark tiles to it. This will light up your swimming pool even more and allow your guests to have additional seating in your backyard. Additionally, who doesn’t love a place you can sit back and relax in? Turn your backyard into the perfect swimming oasis you want it to be. Call Premier Pools & Spas- Raleigh today!

Creating a Fun Environment

Redding: Pool Lighting & Glow in the Dark Tiles 1When you are able to have a fun pool party spot, this is a lot of fun for everyone involved. You aren’t going to have to worry about finding something to do. You already know that your pool and its cool pool lighting is going to be a draw for adults and kids alike. You can add other features to your pool that are going to make it even more fun. A lot of people find that waterfalls are a great addition along with the glow in the dark pool tiles.

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