Weekly pool maintenance is very important to have your pool sparkling and refreshing. While it is true that your pool offers you a great space to relax over the weekend, they can wear you down with some issues. You can prevent these by regularly cleaning your Gulf Coast pool. However, the good news is that you can make use of the services of a good pool building and maintenance company.

Dallas Pool Cleaning Service

Why Pool Maintenance Is Important

For busy homeowners, it will be a difficult task to get their weekly pool maintenance done. You should take care of your pool equipment, clean the pool from time to time and maintain the pH levels. You can also opt for the types of pools that need low maintenance.

However, when you neglect this crucial thing, your pool gets damaged and can pose health risks to your family. Unhygienic pool with algae formation can cause irritated skin, red eyes, and severe health problems. Let us see below what you can do to avoid these.

Maintain the Water Level

When you see that the level of water is decreasing due to evaporation, you should refill your pool. If the water is below the center level of the pool skimmer, the pump will dry and if it is too high, the skimmer door stops work properly. Hence keep topping the water level to the right amount or use an automatic system.

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Balance the Chemicals

The next thing to do is balancing the chemicals. Weekly pool maintenance of the chemicals is very important, especially in the hotter months. Even the slightest imbalance can turn your Gulf Coast pool into a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.

Adding chlorine to water keeps the pool environment free of germs. When there is proper chemical balance in the water, your pool looks crystal clear and has no scent. If you maintain proper pH levels, you do not need to use more amounts of chlorine.

Clean the Pool Equipment

Pool filter collects a huge amount of impurities on a regular basis. You can remove the large pieces of dirt and debris with skimmers. However, if the dirt gets trapped in the filtration system, it will damage the pool pump. Hence, clean the filter basket and pipes every week. Switch off the pool pump and clean the system every couple of weeks.

How Often Should You Clean Your Swimming Pool in Fresno?

Skim and Scrub Your Pool

Skimming is the easiest of all chores as you can see visible results after doing it. But it gets boring and repetitive. This is why you can use an automatic pool cleaner to help you. You can also shock the pool to get rid of murkiness and bacteria in the water.

Scrubbing the sides of your pool frequently prevents algae build-up. Check your pool interior for any growths and use a scrub brush to keep it looking fresh and clean. For stubborn spots, allow chlorine to sit on top for a few hours and give them a good scrubbing.

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