It is essential that you assess how safe your pool is, for your pool is for your family and friends to enjoy. You should make sure that you put a layer of protection to stop any accidents from happening.

Safety comes first when we think of swimming pools. The best thing you can do for yourself is to have someone take care of the little ones whenever they are around the pool or even swimming. You can see why it is it’s essential to make your pool a safe proof area, even when the pool is not being used. This has to be a practice done all year round.

Doing a swimming pool check involves examining if some of these things are in order:

safe proofPool gates and fences

You must do an extensive check of your swimming pool area to make sure that things are in place and there are no broken hinges or latches. Ensure that the self-closing mechanisms are functioning well and there are no things around the swimming pool that children can use to climb over. Ensure that your gates are tightly secured and no unauthorized person can open them.

Check against tripping or slipping dangers

There are spots that as a swimming pool owner you might not have noticed which need the help of a pool expert. These are slippery pool decks, loose concrete slabs, sharp edges and unmarked pool depths. Ensure that you adjust these areas and use non-slip materials.

Install a Perimeter Alarm

This safe proof measure can provide that extra reassurance when it comes to the security level of your home. A perimeter alarm can be installed up at different places around your swimming pool, to make a laser beam protective fence. It is unnoticeable to the naked eye so will not affect the luxury of your swimming pool area. When someone crosses the laser fence, an alarm is going to be activated immediately.

safe proof

Underwater Security Systems

This is where a sonar grid is positioned beneath the water surface to detect motion. If you feel as if you may need to have these for your swimming pool be sure you switch sleep mode on while the swimming pool is being used.

Swimming pool accessories

In case you have accessories such as water slides and diving boards, it is essential that you should establish who precisely will be using them and how secure they are for use. Double check if they have been bolted and fixed securely and advise the users on the right use of the swimming pool accessories.

safe proofPool cover

In order to make sure your swimming pool is risk-free, you can also use manual or automatic pool covers. These covers also keep your pool clear of leaves and debris, hence less time is taken during maintenance. Safety covers come in various designs.

Take lifeguard lessons

To enjoy your luxury swimming pool to the fullest, it is best to train your children how to swim like the professionals. It is an effective way to instill confidence in them, by teaching them the way to keep safe and what methods to use. If your kids end up in a position where they are having difficulties, at least they will know the steps to take. You should be on swimming pool patrol just in case. Purchase floating devices to assist them along while they are too young to swim well.

Following these safe proof measures of an effective swimming pool check will guarantee your pool safety. Ask for help from a swimming pool service expert at Premier Pool & Spa if you are having difficulties on how to go about it.

Need to Safe Proof your Pool?

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