GFCI Is Our Brightest Safety Feature

The GFCI works as part of the lighting system

It’s great to see your inground pool glowing with our fabulous Eco Radiance lights. Perhaps the best part of all our Premier Pool lights is that they are built to be safe for you. Our pool lights are installed with a safety feature called a GFCI, or a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. A GFCI protects your pool and you from any electric shocking that might result from contact with live electricity. Occasionally circuits can overload or ‘short out.’ When that happens, the GFCI will ‘trip,’ or disconnect the power from the source and prevent any electrical shock or damage to the circuit.

Now, let’s say your pool lights aren’t working. You may need to check and reset the GFCI. It will have a red button (or in some cases, white) in the center of the outlet marked “RESET.” Simply push the button and wait a few minutes.

If the issue with your lights continues to not resolve, or the GFCI trips again, than call a qualified service technician to troubleshoot and repair any damaged parts.

Do not under any circumstances, attempt to fix your pool lights or the GFCI on your own.

Premier Pools & Spas wants to do everything we can to keep you safe and maintain the efficiency of your pool. Please contact your local branch with any questions, if you need help with your pool lights or the GFCI circuit.