When you are working on keeping your Salem pool beautiful, there are some pool maintenance strategies you should know about. Pool maintenance is easy when you have a schedule to follow, or a pool service company to rely on. In this article, we are going to provide information about pool maintenance and how to keep your pool clean and sparkling.

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Pool Maintenance and Keeping Your Pool Clean

Swimming pools are a great way to relax and stay cool during the warm summer season. Instead of worrying about clouds and algae, take care of your pool maintenance and stay away from those problems altogether. While there are times that this simply cannot be avoided, if you keep up your pool maintenance, you are rarely going to have to deal with these problems.

At least two to three times per week you need to empty the skimmer as well as vacuum the pool and brush the bottom and the sides. Even if you have an automatic pool cleaner, it is sometimes good to do the manual part of the cleaning to loosen dirt that could be getting stuck to the sides and bottom of your pool.

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Weekly Pool Maintenance Items

Once a week, you should make sure to do the following items to keep your pool clean. They won’t take up a lot of your day but when you get them done, you are going to be making sure that your pool is kept in the best condition possible.

Remove any large pieces of debris that are on the bottom of the pool. Do a test of the chlorine or other sanitizers that you use to see what levels they are at and if there is a need for adjustment. Your water level needs to be high enough that the pump is able to operate properly, so make sure you check your water levels during this weekly check. Also, look to see how your pool water’s color, clarity, and visible contaminants are and remove any floating leaves or other debris. Test pH levels and alkalinity and clean tile at the waterline. If you need to shock the pool, go ahead and get that done.

Salem, OR: Stay in Charge of Weekly Pool Maintenance 2

Monthly Pool Maintenance Tasks

While you do have to do a considerable amount of pool maintenance weekly, there are some tasks that you can do monthly like checking all of your safety equipment like steps and handrails to make sure they are working properly. You should also check on the calcium hardness, alkalinity and total dissolved solids. For those of you that have saltwater pools, you will need to check the salt levels. If you have a vinyl liner, see if there are any tears or holes to repair. Inspect tile, sealant, grout and check any other visible elements of the pool.

Hire Premier Pool Service

Premier Pools & Spas has branched out and create a sister company to provide service as well as build swimming pools! Premier Pool Service is made up of dedicated pool experts that are eager to keep your swimming pool clean. Keeping up with pool maintenance tasks is going to help you keep your pool clean and beautiful. If you ever need any help from Premier Pool Service, contact us today!

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