Why Do People Find Salt Water Pools More Desirable?

Many people often prefer salt water to chlorine because of the hazardous chemicals chlorine pools need. Chlorinated water is known to irritate the skin and eyes after some time. The chemicals needed can irritate the skin even faster by just handling with bare skin and can even damage your eyes if the chemicals come in direct contact. Lots of people don’t know much about salt water pools and filters and the facts often surprise people. There are several advantages salt water pools have over a traditional chlorinated swimming pool that you need to know when creating your dream Palm Springs pool.

Salt Water in Your Palm Springs Pool 1

Salt Water VS Chlorinated Water

A common myth people believe is that salt water pools are just as salty as seawater. If you choose salt water for your Palm Springs pool, you must know that myth is just a myth. The salinity of salt water pools is only about one tenth of regular seawater. Salt water pools aren’t 100% chlorine-free, as well. The system in these pools use a process to create chlorine called electrolysis, which disinfects water. Research shows that salt water pool systems can be safer than traditional chlorine pools, which owners must handle and store hazardous chemicals. Studies also indicate that frequent exposure after some time to heavily chlorinated pools have the possibility of posing long-term risks. Because of this, and with salt water pools having lower chlorine levels, salt water pools are much gentler on the skin and eyes and require much less maintenance than your standard chlorinated swimming pool. They are also known to make the water feel softer, which many people desire.

Although there are several advantages to owning a salt water swimming pool, they often require experienced technicians even for the small issues because of how complex they are. When mapping out your budget for building your Palm Springs pool, you must also keep in mind that salt water pools are more expensive than traditional chlorine pools, requiring a larger initial investment. Also, the salinity can cause damage to specific kinds of materials, causing you to avoid using certain types of water features.

Salt Water in Your Palm Springs Pool 2

Salt Chlorine Generator

When deciding on salt water for your Palm Springs pool, a salt chlorine generator is the primary piece of machinery. This device breaks down dissolved salt into hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite into two sanitizing agents using electrolysis, preventing build-up of chloramines. The salt chlorine generator is often referred to as a salt water filter which is incorrect, as the generator doesn’t filter the pool water.

Salt Chlorine Generators can cost anywhere around $500-$600, lasting anywhere from three to five years or more. The life expectancy of the generator is determined by the overall health of the pool, keeping it maintained, salt levels, and all other upkeep requirements.

Salt Water in Your Palm Springs Pool 3

Keeping the Salinity Levels in Range

A common question when finished with your Palm Springs pool is how much salt your pool needs. This depends on your salt chlorine generator and the level of salt it needs to function properly. The number can range anywhere from 3,000-4,000 ppm (parts per million). However many gallons your pool is and its current salt levels also determines how much salt you need to add. Salt water test kits can help to determine the current salt level of the pool and calculate how much salt is needed based on the size.

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