Salt poolHow Salt Water Chlorination Works:

A saltwater pool has chlorine you aren’t getting away from the chemical. The approach of it is just different, in a regular chlorine pool the chlorine is added in manually. In a saltwater pool, there’s a purification process it goes through to make the chlorine. That process gives an on site production that gives you the healthy, sanitary water system. This sanitizing process avoids you from purchasing and providing the chemicals added manually because it does it on its own.

The water from the pool is transformed into saltwater, giving you that sodium solution. The sodium concentrate is very low, about 1/10th of what’s in the ocean, so a very low solution.

Finally, we have a chlorine generator, that’s connected to the pool’s filter system. Filter system keeps the pools water running throughout the day, this is when the chlorination goes on. The salt is dissolved into the water and creates an effective sanitizer, which kills the bacteria, algae, and the other things that would live amongst the water. The salt is reused in the filtration machine but if the machine isn’t cleaned the water could begin the grow algae that we would normally want to avoid. Although if maintenanced right the process is a cycle that just keeps going on an on.


Advantages to Saltwater Pools:Perfect inground pool 2.0

There are many great advantages to saltwater pools such as not having to continuously buy, store or handle chemicals. The pools don’t need as much maintenance as regular chlorine pools. This filtration system is more cost when first getting it, but it pays for itself in the sense you save not having to buy all those chemicals all the time. Definitely consider getting a saltwater pool when you are first buying one as a homeowner.


When owning a saltwater pool you don’t have the discomfort that chlorine pools do. You don’t get red, itchy eyes or skin nor discolored hair. The salt is softer on your skin, using your pool often you won’t have those discomforts.


Another advantage is not having to use so many chemicals. In saltwater swimming pools you don’t have to store chemicals all around, that hassle is gone. Meaning saltwater swimming pools are safer and you don’t have to deal with the smell of the chlorine. The dry skin, green hair and fading swimsuits are all problems gone with a saltwater swimming pool.


There’s not as much maintenance with a saltwater swimming pool, due to the filtration system, it cleans itself for the most part. There are some checks you’d want to take every once in a while, but since the salt is transformed into chlorine, algae doesn’t grow as fast in a saltwater pool.


Over the time you have a saltwater pool versus owning a chlorine pool you are going to save money. Not having to go out and always buying shock or chlorine for your pool. If you already own a chlorine pool, it doesn’t cost that much to switch over to a salt water pool. When you compare the amount of salt to chlorine you’ll use the salt is very inexpensive and you’ll save that money with in the first two years of buying a saltwater pool.

Health Benefits:

With chlorine you get red eyes, itchy skin, green hair and faded swimsuits. With saltwater it’s softer on your skin and you don’t get all those harsh side effects. Typically you are safer in a saltwater pool than in a chlorine pool, the health benefits are better.

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