As you are enjoying your San Antonio hot tubs, you may begin to notice that a challenge or two arises. There shouldn’t be anything too major so you will usually find a pretty easy solution. It is important to keep your eyes open so that you can see these San Antonio hot tubs problems early so they don’t get out of control.

san antonio hot tubs

Common San Antonio Hot Tubs Problems

One of the challenges you may come in touch with is that your hot tub won’t heat. You may find this problem is solved by simply replacing a heating element. If you are not so lucky there could be something else going on. The pump must be running for your San Antonio hot tubs to heat. If your pump isn’t coming on then it may be a pump problem you are experiencing. You can test the component with a multimeter or hire a maintenance specialist so the problem can be identified.

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Maybe your jets aren’t working. This is usually a pretty easy fix. Most of the time the face of the jet just needs to be turned so the water can flow through it. Most of your San Antonio hot tubs are going to come with adjustable jets and what usually happens is that they are closed or at least the flow has been lessened.

Have you recently refilled your San Antonio hot tubs? If you have it may be an air lock problem. If you have an airlock you can remove them by loosening either fitting on the pump so the air is able to escape the pipe. After you retighten it, it should only take 5-10 seconds to have water flowing again.

You may notice that your pump is making some loud noises. If this is the case then the bearings in the motor may be going out and the motor could be about to seize. This could be caused by old age or from a leak shaft seal. Even if you have a bad bearing, it could last for months after you start noticing this noise but the noise is going to continue to get louder and louder.

Taking Care of Your San Antonio Hot Tubs

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Before you start noticing problems, you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your San Antonio hot tubs. The last thing that you want to do is lose out on your amazing hot tub experience because you were not taking proper care of the hot tub. You should be testing and adjusting your hot tub at least 2-4 times per week. Make sure that you are not neglecting it or it is going to show up in your lack of good experience with your San Antonio hot tubs.

As long as you are taking good care of your San Antonio hot tubs, you should have many years of long life with your beautiful spa experience. These hot tubs often have very good warranties that should put your mind at ease.

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