Building a swimming pool in Santa Clarita? Your backyard oasis isn’t going to be completed unless you have beautiful landscaping to make your newly built Santa Clarita swimming pool. Keep reading to learn some Santa Clarita landscaping tips for your backyard oasis.

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Something to Consider Before Pool Landscaping

When you are considering these Santa Clarita pool landscaping tips around your swimming pool then it is important to take your time and select plants that are going to thrive around your swimming pool. Keep in mind the swimming pool maintenance you’ll have to keep up with as well. Plants, like trees, are going to shed and give you a harder time with pool maintenance.

There are many things to consider when you are planting around your swimming pool. If you live in a warm environment, you will need to buy plants that will thrive in that kind of environment. Plants that provide fruit or flowers are very beautiful, but can be sort of a hassle to pool maintenance. Keep in mind that plants with thorns are also ones that you may not want around the swimming pool because no one wants to get out of the pool and get immediately poked by plants.

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Choosing Low-Maintenance Plants

One Santa Clarita landscaping tip that we can offer is keep it simple. When you’re figuring out what you want plant wise in your backyard, make sure it keep it simple. The idea of pool landscaping is to enhance your backyard oasis. If you are always having to keep up with its maintenance, whether that’s trimming or fertilizing your plants, it may not be the best choice for pool landscaping.

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Watch Out for Roots!

Another thing to keep in mind when you are reading these Santa Clarita landscaping tips is plants that grow thick roots. Plants that have invasive roots can cause problems for your swimming pool in the long run. If you know of a plant that could effect your swimming pool, we suggest that you steer clear of it.

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Plants that Bees love

Supporting the eco-system is something we recommend in this article of Santa Clarita Landscaping tips; however, bees are not always desired by the swimming pool. Instead of dismissing the eco-system altogether, we suggest having a separate gardening area that has bee friendly plants in it. However, with landscaping around the swimming pool avoid having bee-friendly plants that could potentially make your guests in the swimming pool uncomfortable.

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