Once you’ve decided to build a pool, you have lots to consider before you proceed with your plan. A swimming pool is a big investment. So, you’d want to work with the best Santa Clarita pool builders to create your backyard oasis. Choosing the right builder is not an easy task that you can take lightly. A wrong decision will spell disaster for both your backyard and money. You should take your time to consider your options carefully. Here are things to keep in mind:

Check the Referrals

When you want to learn more about a company, ask about the personal experiences of their past customers. You can request at least 5-10 references from different parts to make your inquiries. Ask questions regarding their experience with the company and level of professionalism it executed. Also, inquire if the company meets the timelines and how it handles the payments. There shouldn’t be any last-minute surprises in any phase of construction. It tells a lot about the building process offered by a pool builder.

pool investment

Assess the Credentials

A pool company must have a physical address and a functional phone number for responding to your inquiries. When selecting a pool builder, you should ask about their credentials and verify them. Ask for their address and phone number along with the number of pools they install every year. Also, make inquiries about the sub-contractors used for each project. Lastly, verify the certifications and licenses owned by the company. It shows that they are involved in the actual business of building pools.

Ask About Insurance

Like any other contractor, a pool builder should also possess a worker’s compensation and commercial liability insurance. You should ask about their insurance information and also check with the service provider to verify the coverage. During the process of building the pool, your backyard becomes a construction site and hence, your builder should be insured to cover any event if things go wrong.

Assess the Affiliation

The trade associations at Santa Clarita provide a list of members or Santa Clarita pool builders compliant with the business ethics. You should find out if your pool builder is affiliated with any such local and national trade associations like the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (PHTA).

pool building process

Check the Warranties

Before the commencement of the pool building process, get a copy of the warranty from the pool builder. It is important to ensure the amount of coverage offered by this warranty. Typically, a pool warranty includes individual warranties on tiles, shell, coping, plaster, deck, equipment, and plumbing. If a pool builder does not provide a copy of the warranty before starting construction, you should refrain from hiring them. Always lay your trust in reliable Santa Clarita pool builders who maintain transparency throughout the process.

Do Your Homework

You should never hire a pool contractor without some research and understanding on your part. Do not make hasty decisions. Instead, take your time for interviewing the company and understanding their way of business.

Apart from these, you should know that money matters in the selection of Santa Clarita pool builders. Do not work with the company that offers unrealistic low prices.

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