There is nothing much more relaxing than a cool pool on a bright summer day. It is best if a pool is laid right outside the door. But is it worth investing in an inground pool? Do you keep thinking how much to install a pool and get that lovely oasis in your backyard? In this post, we answer what all it takes to install an inground pool and share some tips to keep the costs under check.

Cost for Installing an Inground Pool

inground pool cost

The installation cost for inground pool varies based on how intricate design choices you make. In addition to this, there are many other factors that you need to consider.

Pool Site

Does your yard level or flat? Is it rocky or sandy? These aspects can increase inground pool installation cost to a great extent.


Your city’s cost of living will affect greatly the material and labor prices. If you are living in a high-cost, dense metropolitan region, the cost of building the pool will be high.

Pool Type

Gunites, fiberglass, vinyl-lined and concrete are some common pool types. Each of them varies in terms of installation and maintenance costs. Hence, the cost depends on which type of pool you build.


Small inground pools require less material and labor while large ones need more of it. Therefore, the cost is more for bigger pools.


Inground pools need a permit from local building authority, which may involve an additional cost.

Features and Shapes

How to Save More on Inground Pool Costs? 1

Special or custom features like a diving board or hot tub can increase your pool’s installation cost.


Getting your pool fenced from all around is safe and expensive too.


Surround your inground pools by a deck or concrete sidewalk. The more elaborate it is, the bigger is the cost.

All these factors together decide the final cost for how much to install a pool. But luckily, you can actually save many bucks. Just follow these tips.

Tips to Reduce Cost of Inground Pool Installation

Keep the following tips into consideration to cut down pool installation cost as much as possible.

Pick a Simple Deck

A splendid design with mosaic pavement wrapped around your pool will surely cost you more. Select a basic concrete deck and save money.

Go for Smaller and Shallow Ends

small pools

Smaller pools are in vogue these days, not only they save space but they are also cheaper to maintain and install. Select modest dimensions as it can help you save a lot of money.

Avoid Incorporating Water Features

Spas, water features, color-changing lights, and slides, all look beautiful, but they tend to increase the price as well. Avoid them completely or incorporate only one of these extensions.

Preventive Maintenance

To avoid huge pool maintenance cost, clean the skim baskets, filters, and pool drains every week. Additionally, regularly check the water pH and chlorine levels to avoid huge maintenance prices later.

With the right selections and consistently practicing simple tasks, you can understand how much to install a pool and how to save more on this investment. So, get a pool designed for your home so that you don’t miss out this fun the next summer!

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