Aren’t We All Trying to Save?

How to Save Money on Pool Expenses 1

Saving money is a smart move! Enjoy your pool to the fullest by choosing to save on money on pool expenses. An initial investment in your pool is necessary, which make be a little pricey. The long term cost benefits will outweigh your initial investment. Premier Pools and Spas is here to help your save long term. Lower the amount of your bills by these energy efficient options. If you already have an existing pool, that is okay! You can replace and save with the help of the expert pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas.


Where to Start?

pool tiles

You can start the decision process by first assessing your swimming pool equipment. The pool pump plays a significant role in the health of your pool. If your pool pump is outdated or a single speed pump, the pool pump may not be efficient enough. A bad pool pump can cost you money, so think about your ability to save money on pool expenses by replacing an outdated one or going with a multiple, or variable, pool pump from the start. The variable pool pumps are 90% more efficient. Another pump to replace or decide on during the design process is a heater pump. A heater pump will save money on pool expenses by being more reliable and long lasting, in spite of the upfront costs a heat pump is a true investment.

The Little Things

The little things can really add up, especially in the beginning of your pool design and build process. Decide what is important to you with your pool builder, especially when it comes to pool maintenance. If you decide to be a hands on pool owner, knowing these things is very important. Adding a pool timer to your pool can make your filter automatic and consistent in cleaning. This makes so your pool is swim ready at all times. A pool timer on the filter is also helpful for time spent maintaining your pool. Other little things to save you time and energy is a pool cover. Pool covers come in different options, yay more decisions, you can get a manual tie down pool cover or an automated pool cover that do the work for you. Again, it’s really all about convenience! A pool cover will keep the temperature more stable by trapping in heat or keeping heat out. The pH balance will be more stable because of less debris getting into the pool water.

Water Slides

Premier Pools and Spas wants you to have the best experience when it comes to your swimming pool or spa. Enjoy life’s pleasures and save money on pool expenses. If your pool is already built, Premier Pools and Spas’ pool experts will gladly help you update your existing pool. If you’ve always wanted a pool and do not know where to start, Premier Pools and Spas is here to gladly go through the design process step by step. Contact Premier Pools and Spas today to stat designing the pool of your dreams!

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