Bill Unger With HomeownersPremier Pools & Spas of Houston, Texas recently reached out to homeowners affected by a local now defunct pool builder named Bellar Pools. Several months ago, homeowners started coming forward and contacting local news stations in the Houston area when they found out that they were the victim of a pool builder who was going out of business and would no longer honor commitments or signed contracts after accepting deposits and in some cases after being paid in full. Homeowners were left scrambling trying to figure out how to complete their pools, some left with half finished pools and giant holes in their yards with not much else to show for their hard earned money.

Bill Unger Helps HomeownersThat’s when Bill Unger, owner of Premier Pools & Spas of Houston stepped forward and started his own campaign to right a wrong committed by another builder in the industry, feeling an obligation to help those in his community. Unger reached out to the Sotomayor family, newlyweds who were left high and dry after paying Bellar Pools over $50,000 with only one payment left. Sotomayor said contractors had previously estimated that it would take anywhere from $14,000 – $18,000 of work left to complete the pool. Premier Pools completed the job for just $2,000, the balance the Sotomayors had left to pay Bellar.

Completed PoolWhen asked why he felt compelled to help, Bill Unger said “I saw an opportunity to help. I couldn’t imagine starting a family and being burned for $50,000 in the 1st month of marriage. I had the resources to help them and feel it’s my responsibility as a leader in this industry to give back. I sleep better at night knowing someone is out there smiling because of Premier Pools & Spas”. As part of the work completed, Premier Pools set up all of their equipment, fixed various plumbing issues, did plastering and tile work to complete the project for the homeowner.

“Thank you so much for coming out today and all that you guys have done for us, this has been the most touching experience of my life and i’m still in disbelief that there are people like you guys and your company that just want to help people even when they don’t have to.” – Lauren Sotomayor