Scuba Diving Pool

From this Oklahoma water attraction, the ocean is 500 miles away. These homeowners built a scuba diving pool in their backyard. It also has waterfalls, a lazy river and recreational swimming area for everyone to enjoy. 160 foot long lazy river, which is equivalent to the size of a football field. 14 ft deep for its longest swimming area. It’s the perfect depth for the scuba divers, they can swim around the man-made boulders and threw the lazy river which is a nice switch because you have the decision of swimming with or against the current.  

This gives the homeowners and their friends the chance to explore underwater without having to travel mile and miles away. Although you can’t put underwater sea creatures into a chlorinated pool, this pool is designed with tunnels and a current in the lazy river. Perfect for a new scuba diving experience.

Behind the Scenes:

The swimming pool is filter by a standard pump, to filter out the entire scuba diving pool takes 13 pumps and 3 separate filtration systems. All this equipment is kept in house sheds, this equipment is used to keep a constant movement in the swimming pool and control the size of the pool itself. The water features added to the pool are controlled by a controller, in which the pool owner can control the speed of the water coming off the waterfall.