If you wish to create a rectangular swimming pool in your backyard, you’re probably wondering which pool design will best serve your family requirements. Whether you are a big or a small family, there are rectangular swimming pools designs available to cater to your needs. However, to figure out which pool design is the best fit for you and your family, you must take into consideration five factors.

In this post, we are going to discuss these five important factors!

Pool’s Play Area

With an inground pool, it is good to consider the area that is available for a swim and the part available for play. Numerous pools available in different shapes take into prime consideration of the pool interiors. They consider the benches, steps, and other aspects.

If you are really fond of having an open space, make sure you select a design that offers you an ample amount of it. This is the best way to seek an unmatched level of family enjoyment.

Pool Depth

The depth of inground pool may vary depending on how you wish to use the pool. Depending on the depth, pools can be classified into two types:

Diving Pools  

Such a pool is at least 8 feet deep and incorporates a diving board. It holds a transitional bottom, a shallow end, and a steep slope at the end.

Play Pools

But to use the pool for playing games such as chicken fighting, basketball, and others, diving pools are incompatible. Hence, play pools are around five feet deep and hold a gradual slope. It offers the perfect depth to play games.

You have to be clear on your preferences and avoid picking a pool design that lends you both a diving pool and play pool simultaneously.

Lap and Exercise

pool shape

To ensure your pool is perfect for lap and exercise swimming, it must be long enough. Pick swimming pools designs that offer at least 30 feet long. The swim lane must be free from obstructions such as weird angles and steps.

Most importantly, to make your water perfect for lap swimming, have enough open space that lets you exercise and move efficiently.

Compatibility with Automatic Pool Cover

Selecting the Most Fascinating Rectangular Swimming Pool Designs for Your Backyard 1

Most of the rectangular pool designs accommodate automatic pool cover. However, there are a few factors that can make your pool design more compatible.

Automatic pool cover precisely covers a rectangular space to form ninety degree angles in each corner. To get the best results, go for less rounded corners of the pool. Also, remove obstructions through the cover track for offering perfectly straight walls to the pool automatic covers.

Bench and Step Configuration

pool automation

Fiberglass pools have benches and steps integrated into the pool and the way they are created can make a huge impact on the way you enjoy your pool.

For perfect steps, check the amount of space they will take in the pool. Also, they must not obstruct the swim lane.

For bench seating, make sure that there is enough bench seating for your family.

Keeping all these aspects into consideration will let you have the perfect rectangular pool design. Just get the pool work done by experts to ensure you get the best outcome.

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