On a hot summer day, there is nothing more satisfying then jumping into clear blue pool water. But a sparkly clean swimming pool doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work. You need to know how to service a pool if you are going to succeed. Here are some practical steps to help you conquer pool maintenance.

pool cleaning mistakes

Get rid of debris

Dirt and debris can wreak havoc on your swimming pool. If left unchecked, they will clog your filtration system which can lead to algae build-up and cloudy pool water. What can you do?

Skimming the surface of the pool for floating debris and emptying the skimmer basket usually takes just a minute or two. This is the simplest way to keep the pool clean. Remember to dispose what you collect away from the pool so it won’t blow back into the water or be tracked back into the pool perimeter.

Another helpful tipIf you have trees, shrubbery, or bushes nearby the swimming pool, consider trimming them back or replacing them with less messy varieties. Your landscape can have a major impact on the cleanliness of your pool, as well as the amount of time you spend servicing it. 

swimming pool maintenance

Vacuum the pool

Vacuuming sucks up the dirt and debris that falls to the bottom of your swimming pool. The average pool will take about 30 minutes to vacuum adequately.

To properly vacuum your swimming pool, slowly move the vacuum through the water in overlapping parallel lines.If the pool is too wide for one pass, vacuum one half of the swimming pool at a time.

It’s important to watch for a floating hose, which could mean there is a hole in the line, or diminished suction due to a full filter, which will need to be cleaned. Complete the cleaning by brushing any algae off the pool sides with a nylon brush on the vacuum pole. For concrete swimming pools, use a stainless steel brush.

pool water balanced

Adjust the chemicals

This step is so vital in learning how to service a pool. Maintaining a balanced pool means keeping water conditions safe to swim in and chemicals in their proper place to make sure bacteria isn’t growing in the water.You should make a habit to test and correct your swimming pool chemistry weekly.

First, you will want to test and adjust the pH. Use muriatic acid if its reading is above 7.6. Use soda ash if it’s under 7.4. Next, test the chlorine levels. If the chlorine in your pool is below 1 part per million or the alkalinity is reading less than 90 ppm, you need to shock the water.

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