When you’re figuring out which features to incorporate into your pool in South Florida, think about what design would complement best. Pools that are ideal for waterfalls are those that are rustic-looking with lots of rockwork. The sheer descents, fountains, jets, and scuppers have a clean appearance that matches with a modern pool. You will want to consider the volume of the water sounds as well. For instance, a waterfall, while stunning and dramatic, can be a bit loud if you want a peaceful, poolside chat. For that matter, a sheer descent may work better.

sheer descent

Usually a pool’s spectacular element, a sheer descent can be created as a standalone decorative feature in a backyard as well. To get a look that’s more dramatic, you can make this water feature a vanishing fountain.

A Sheer Descent Waterfall

This feature uses the effect of dropping water to offer an appealing sound and look. These water features can vary in length and size, and form a curtain of cascading water. The additional benefit of sheer descents is that you can control them using pool pumps, altering water flow. You can also control these water features remotely using a pool automation system.

For the perfect pool setting, you can use multiple sheer descents. You can incorporate them into a range of elegant features as well. Pedestals, planters, rock walls, and scuppers are all perfect for a sheer descent. The appearance alone can add a much-needed revitalize to your backyard space!

sheer descent

Why you Should Consider a Sheer Descent in your Yard?

A sheer descent will provide a classiness of a crystal clear curtain of water, which you can light up during the night in your South Florida backyard space for a breath-taking effect. You can use sheer descents throughout your yard and property to create appealing designs with rock features, ponds, pools, and spas.

You can also mix and match different types of water features to go with each other. Try to pair sheer descents or scuppers with laminar jets, for clean, cool displays. Spillways can also offer a more natural look as well. You will also want to think about your landscaping to see what will work together.

You can also use a smartphone app to control water features, so if you want to minimize the flow rate, or turn it off, it is simple to do with the touch of a button. In addition, it is also helpful if you have are away and forgot turning off the water feature, or you want to turn it on before returning home.

While integrating different water features will make some amazing displays of waterworks, make sure you don’t overdo it. You can work with our expert designer to ensure what you create is an excellent choice for your backyard oasis in South Florida.

sheer descent

Sheer Descent – Conclusion

We provide a range of moving pool water features, which can benefit the exterior of your home and pool! You should determine which one you need in your backyard! Get in touch with us at Premier Pools & Spas of South Florida to find out more on what we can offer.

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