Contaminants are introduced almost frequently into the water of pools; much of it from swimmers themselves. Research shows that if you shower before you swim, you will get rid of lots of bacteria and dirt that would otherwise get into the swimming pool. Many people consider swimming in a pool as a rejuvenating big old bathtub. We surely do not take a pre-shower before having a bath so why shower before using a swimming pool? It is no different, right? Wrong.


Why take a shower before you swim:

Get rid of contaminants from your body

Except if you live a 100 percent organic lifestyle, you are similar to many people that use creams, styling products, aftershave, shampoo, sun block, conditioner, oils, perfume, soap, lotion, and deodorant. From the moment you get out of bed until the time, you will head out to swim you get dirty, go to the bathroom, sweat etc. Do you truly want all those contaminants floating in the pool water around you?

While you might not want to admit that there are contaminants on your body, they may be present in such small amounts that you might never even notice. But as soon as they come in contact with swimming pool water, they will contaminate the water.

Taking a shower can wash with these substances from your body to ensure that they do not end up in the swimming pool water when you go swimming. This will help the swimming pool stay cleaner for much longer.


No chemical smell

The more contaminated the water gets due to what you introduce to the water, the more difficult the swimming pool needs to work to ensure it is clean. More chlorine must be added to ensure the water is safe and clean and the pool’s filters and pumps will need to work hard to eradicate these contaminates in the water.

The pre-swim shower will help to reduce the smelly, irritating substances formed in swimming pool water when pollutants introduced on the bodies of swimmers mix with chlorine. Most people recognize that smell as the smell of chlorine. The study discovered 38% of people believe the distinctive chemical smell of some pools is an indicator of a clean swimming pool. Actually, that stringent smell is not from chlorine, but from irritants made when chlorine reacts with contaminants. A swimming pool that is well-managed has no strong chemical odor.


Cleaner is Safer

Chlorine is used to get rid of likely harmful bacteria and other pathogens, which not only impact how clean the water appears but, also how safe it is. Water, which is full of these bacteria, may cause you to get ill should you spend a lot of time swimming in it.

When swimmers shower away contaminants, they help in reducing the risk of waterborne diseases, like skin infections, diarrhea and swimmer’s ear.  Chlorine and other pool sanitizers help safeguard swimmers from waterborne germs; however, germ destruction is not seen overnight. In addition, if chlorine is chemically bound to excessive levels of contaminants in the swimming pool, it might not be available to perform its intended job of killing germs in the water, particularly if the swimming pool chemistry is not being cautiously regulated.

Should I Shower Before I Swim?

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