If you are thinking of a swimming pool or a spa, you have lots of choices and design options to consider. A spa that is attached will do so much for you and your swimming pool. A spa not only enhances the design of your pool, but also provides you with a relaxing spot where you can rest after a vigorous swim.

Advantages of an attached pool and spa

This add-on extends to your pool’s functionality and forms an all-in-one socializing and swimming area. With an attached spa, you can:

  • Ease muscle pains and aches
  • Enjoy socializing with friends
  • Confine the kids to the kiddie swimming pool
  • Unwind after a long swim

Before you think of adding a spa, consider all aspects of the task and ensure you get just what you want.

fiberglass pool and spa

Selecting the right type of attached spa

An attached spa uses the current water circulation system and blends in seamlessly with your swimming pool. Whether you go for a naturalistic spa or a spillover spa, will depend on the effect you would like to get.

  • A naturalistic spa usually incorporates with your landscaping and usually has rocks, water features and other natural formations to match with your outdoor space.
  • A spillover spa is placed right next to your swimming pool, forming calming effect where the pool and spa water mix. Since you just need to use one pump for the spa and the swimming pool, it greatly decreases your maintenance.

Questions you should ask Premier Pools and Spas before an attached spa is added:

1. What choices are there for my pool and spa?

You may customize an attached spa in several ways, from attaching massage jets to adding LED lighting. Also, you can have a bubbling system installed and a bubbling and relaxing effect.

2. Do I need separate filtering equipment for my attached spa?

Although you can attach your spa to a separate pump, it is possible to use your existing swimming pool system. Using your current filtering and pump system offers a simpler way to control the pool and the spa while using them separately or simultaneously.

3. How best can I heat my pool and spa?

If your swimming pool has an electric heat pump, then our team of professionals can use that same pump for your spa. If not, then we can install an electric heat pump or gas heater.

4. What is the advantage of using a pool and spa cover?

It protects kids and animals from falling into the spa when it is not being used, savings on water as a cover will lessen the evaporation amounts. A cover also helps to keep debris from getting into the water.

5. What type of seating will I expect?

When constructing an attached spa, you often get more seating depending on how big the spa is. An average 6 ft. diameter can accommodate 6 to 8 people and an 8 ft. diameter spa can accommodate 8 to 10 people.

6. Can you enhance your new pool with an attached spa?

Regardless of how many options or which color you want, an attached spa enhances your yard and swimming pool area. It not only raises the value of your home, but also provides you with a place to relax, and spend quality time with family and friends.

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