Simple pool landscaping projects are easy to take care of. For complex projects, you need to use a lot of resource and put in a lot of effort. So, if you are going to going to work on a DIY landscaping project, make sure you know what is needed. This will help you find out if you have the skills, ability and resources required for the project. Let’s read about a few simple pool landscaping projects.


the Hamptons pool buildersPrivacy and safety

We tend to divide our living spaces into several rooms for many reasons, such as privacy. Similarly, outdoor living spaces require decorating and finishing. For instance, a swimming pool area should be designed based on your needs.

A main principal of landscaping is to find out the right way to make outdoor rooms and stay safe during the project work. So, you need to find out ways to get the privacy and curb appeal.

Flower Beds, Rock Gardens and water features

Water features produce soothing sounds and make an outdoor space a lot more appealing. It’s easy to install water features, flexible tubing, durable pumps and pre-formed liners. After experimenting with ponds, your next move is to try installing simple waterfalls. Plants around the water features can be a great way to make them more appealing.

On the other hand, alpine or desert species are a great choice for rock gardens. As an alternative, you can opt for a flower bed.

pool building process

Walkways and patios

With DIY landscaping projects, you can make your yard a lot more beautiful. For instance, features like walkways and patios can add functionality and beauty to your pool landscape. Common materials for a patio include concrete, flagstone, and brick, to name a few.

Arbors, Decks and Fences

Just like walkways and patios, arbors, decks and fences can shape up your pool landscape. For deck railings, you can use composite wood. However, vinyl arbors and fences are also quite common these days.

Stone Walls and raised beds

If you need to build a tall wall, you might want to consult a professional. On the other hand, low walls or simple terraces area easy DIY projects if even if you are a beginner. Once the walls are built, you can plant your favorite plants behind them.

pool landscaping

Pest Control

If you don’t have a problem with animals and pests like moles, rabbits and voles around your pool, you are fine. But if you can’t tolerate their presence, you can use different resources to deter and control their population. For instance, fences can be an easy way to keep deer away from your pool.

Solutions to erosion, drainage, and Soil Problems

Drainage problem can cost you a lot of time, effort and money. Although it may sound easy to solve such problems, it is not. You need to find out the source of water and then take the right steps to fix the problem. If the problem is serious, you can hire a professional. For simple projects, you can try DIY options, such as dry creek beds and French drains.

For erosion problems, you can use juniper ground covers and black plastic mulch. Soil problems can be due to the composition of the soil like higher pH levels.

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