Natural stone will provide you with an unmatched level of stylishness and beauty in your Salt Lake City pool deck area. When cared for in the right way, the stone will last for a long time. One of the perfect ways to minimize overall maintenance while adding a classy appeal to the area is to create a slate pool decking. Understanding which stones to use will depend on your budget and personal style. But, you also need to do research to find out about the unique properties of each option of natural stone.

slate pool decking

Popular Options for Slate Pool Decking:

1. Coral Stone Pool Decks

This decking material is created from coral, shell fossils, and pieces of compressed limestone and sand. Coral stone is very slip-resistant and has countless unique elements, which are fascinating to look at up close.

Along with these features, the material has also stood up against extreme weathering from salt water and pressure while lying upon the deep sea. Coral stone is very durable thanks to the lifetime of fighting the elements. It is able to stand up to just about any amount of chemicals, foot traffic or pool water.

2. Travertine Pool Decks

When it comes to slate pool decking, one of the most common options is travertine. The material is available in a range of finishes, and it features the best balance of natural variance within a well-matched variety of colors. Since travertine is water-absorbent and durable, decks built from this material are less susceptible to slipping than most tiled materials.

You can find this material in one of these 3 finishes: polished (shiny and smooth), honed (matte and smooth), and tumbled (porous and textured).

slate pool decking

3. Slate Pool Decks

Slate is a type of flagstone that is available in wide, large slabs, which makes it easier to install. The slabs are available in a huge selection of natural colors. These colors range from blue-grays to reds, dark blacks, greens and everything in between. Big slate slabs allow for an appealing design that conveys a timeless and royal look.

4. Flagstone Pool Decks

Another slate pool decking material which is often considered as flagstone. This is a popular phrase for any kind of flat slab of natural paving.

This material is low maintenance due to its highly dense composition and will often last for many years. It’s easy to install flagstone, which makes this material preferred by people who like a range of colors, sizes, and shapes, and who want a unique creation as well.

5. Bluestone Pool Decks

This is another flagstone material which is perfect for use outdoors. Bluestone is water-resistant and slip-resistant. Usually mined in US locations like Pennsylvania or New York, the material makes the best highlight to a space that’s enhanced by natural exquisiteness. Bluestone is also available in a range of finishes to suit specific needs and preferences.

slate pool decking

Slate Pool Decking – Conclusion

If you want help choosing the best slate pool decking material, or if you need quotes on a deck project to make your backyard pool in Salt Lake City the envy of your area, consult with our professionals today. Once your pool is completed, look for help from the best Premier pools & spas of Salt Lake City professionals to help keep your dream pool looking great year-round.

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