Small Swimming Pools Are Making a Return to Yard Designs! 1

Our yards can become places of comfort and sanctuary, and when we incorporate small swimming pools into our designs, we can also create places of luxury and relaxation. You don’t have to sacrifice your entire yard to add a pool, and it doesn’t have to be big enough to swim laps in for you to enjoy it. A small pool or spool can add elegance and beauty to your yard while also giving you a place to cool off in the summer and relax in the sun.

The Benefits of Small Swimming Pools
When you add a large pool to your yard, you may be enhancing the property value and making more room for fun with friends, but it’s also a huge investment after the installation and with the maintenance that must be kept up. Also, if you’re yard isn’t that large to begin with, you’d basically sacrificing the entire space for a swimming pool.

Spool’s – Are Swim Spas That Take Up Less Space!

  1. A small pool costs less to build, and it takes up less space in your yard.
  2. There are more options for what goes around the pool when it’s smaller, and there is ample area to include style and perks.
  3. A small, shallow pool may be safer, especially if children will be playing in it.
  4. Maintaining a small pool will take less time, energy, and money than a large one.
  5. The overall look will be luxurious and elegant instead of colossal, which may go better with the design of your yard.

Ideas for Small Swimming Pools
Small swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, just like the large ones, and there are several options to choose from. The possibilities are endless! You can build a little circle or oval shaped pool in your garden and create a paradise among your favorite plants. Add a square or rectangular pool near the patio with a fountain for a focal piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Create your own design for a kiddie pool that will wow your children and their friends. Or add a mini pool at the end of a path away from the barbeque in a tiny yard can make even the smallest property seem much bigger than it is.

Why Make the Decision to Build?
You might be thinking that you could just buy a kiddie pool instead of building a small pool on your property. While this may be right for you, a small pool can also enhance your property value in a similar way that a large pool would, and it is likely to look much more elegant than the average kiddie pool you’d find at the local big box store. The investment may be bigger, and the work you’ll put into it may seem like a lot, but the finished product is something that you can happily enjoy for many years.

Interested in a Spool or Swim Spa for your Backyard?

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