A pool with crystal clear sparkling water is a delight to behold. It is often achieved with the aid of a deft small pool cleaner! After all, the need for timely and periodic cleaning is one aspect homeowners cannot ignore. Whether your pool is a plunge pool, a spa, or an in-ground one; you should know that not all automated pool cleaners best befit small pools. This blog offers you the information you need to steer clear of unwieldy cleaning devices and choose the right one for you.

Large Pool Cleaners can be Bulky and Unwieldy

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Automatic pool cleaners used for traditional pools need to be plugged into the home power supply. Alternately, they are designed so as to draw suction power from the pool’s pumping or filtration unit. In any case, they consist of a bulky and heavy unit. This includes many meters of cords or hoses that are difficult to manage. When the area to be cleaned is relatively smaller, maneuverability matters the most.

Small Cleaning Devices are Best Suited to Smaller Pools

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Homeowners are not always aware of the fact that there are specially designed automatic cleaners for smaller pools. They are light in weight and easy to manage. They do not need cords and are hose less and are even offered in battery–operated designs!

Features that Small Pool Owners Covet in Automatic Cleaners

Some handy but important features to look for in an automatic pool cleaner include-

A Telescopic Pole

A telescopic pole is critical as it can reach crevices and deeper areas under the water. The cleaner’s head could also be attached to an existing telescopic pole.

Filter Bags

You can be environment friendly by opting for filter bags. These can be reused for collecting leaf litter and debris.

Rechargeable Batteries

In case your spa pool or plunge pool is extremely small, the machine’s running time may not be significant. But for a small to medium sized pool, the cleaning robot may have to be in use for a considerable length of time to ensure a thorough cleaning. Hence, rechargeable batteries would also be an eco-friendly option. Furthermore, the battery should last for at least a few hours when charged and not require frequent charging.

Additional Features

When you consider buying an automatic pool cleaner, do factor in the shape and size of the cleaning head as well as that of your pool or spa. Some of the cleaning heads may have a narrow shape that is most suited for nooks and corners in your spa or for spot cleaning the pool. Yet, there are other cleaners available with a wider head. These work well for pools no matter their size. They’re offered with special attachments meant for spot cleaning in crevices and tight corners.

Irrespective of the kind of machine you choose for cleaning your pool; one cannot deny that keeping it sparkling and inviting is imperative. Choosing the right small pool cleaner will help you save some of your time and make your task much easier!

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