If you are considering a small spool installation in San Diego, look no further than a swim spa. While full-sized pools have their use, think water theme parks, swimming contests, and Olympics; there are lots of more benefits to choosing small pool designs.

small pool designs

Benefits of Small Pool Designs:

A small pool is more affordable than a larger pool, occupies less space, and uses fewer resources. If you do not want the costs involved with a larger pool, are worried about space or you are mindful of the environment, choose small pool designs a spool.

1. More Economical to Run

Small pool designs use less water, which means fewer chemicals. This will make it simpler to maintain the quality of pool water. Additionally, fewer chemicals will mean spending less money. Furthermore, it is cheaper to heat a small pool, particularly if you keep it covered when you’re not using it. Some small pool designs are are very well insulated. Fiberglass small pools, for example, come with a solid wood core for insulation and extra strength. The more properly insulated these spools are, the much better they maintain heat.

2. Maintenance is Easy

It is a lot easier to drain a small spool for cleanup. As soon as you drain the pool, cleaning is easy. Have you thought about a small fiberglass spool? The smooth Gelcoat finish will make it difficult for algae to stick to the surface. It is also easy to wipe down the pool walls and tile line.

small pool designs

3. Eco-Friendly

A smaller carbon footprint is generated by small pools. These pools need less electricity, fewer chemicals, and less water. You can use solar panels to heat small pool designs, getting rid of other sources of heat altogether. A win-win for your wallet and the environment! From the first filling up of your small pool to draining it for cleanup, you will use considerably less water. This is an important environmental advantage as well.

Is a Small Spool Right for You?

Here are some reasons why you should consider a spool:

  • If you need to use your spool all year round
  • You want a stunning water-feature in your outdoor space when you are not using it to swim.
  • If you want to enjoy the benefits of both a standard pool as well as a spa
  • You want a pool you can maintain easily
  • Although you’ve got a large outdoor space, you do not want the center of interest to be the pool, but instead, have a small spool as an addition
  • You have limited space

Are you considering an indoor installation but scared of humidity? Because of their distinct size, there is no need for expensive dehumidification systems. Small pool designs mean less building for more economical installation. This is particularly essential if you want your pool indoors. Small pools tend to be more efficient and cheaper to run.

small pool designs

Small Pools Designs – Conclusion

Do you need help choosing your small pool designs? We can help! Contact Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego professionals today for a free design consultation and free Quote!

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