Even though you have a small outdoor space it does not mean you cannot enjoy a pool of your own. Small pool ideas come with a range of designs for homeowners with limited space. The two factors that often discourage people to have their own personal pool, is cost and space. Many homeowners consider swimming pools a luxury that’s only affordable to those with larger spaces. But there are lots of ways to add a pool even if space is in short supply. It’s now easier with modern engineering and materials. Also, there are lots of choices you can consider, based on your budget and the size of your space.

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Small Pool Ideas for a Stunning Backyard Space Includes:

Vacation at Home

Don’t just think of the small pool while you’re planning your outdoor space. Determine how the pool’s style reflects that of the property itself, how much deck space you require for all those summertime and fall parties, and how it fits into your overall lifestyle. You can consider a matching deck area, perhaps an outdoor barbecue spot or dining space for some wonderful family evenings. A small pool will certainly turn the outdoor space into a lot more happening area.

Small Pools for Workouts and Training

You are not limited to lounging in a small swimming pool. There are lots of choices available for the athletically inclined to maximize a small space.

For a homeowner with a long, thin piece of land available, a lap pool will let you work on your freestyle stroke.

small pool ideas

Integrate your Pool with the Deck

If you have a deck, consider how you may add a spool into your existing setup. It’s often an easy process to extend a deck. If there is plenty of room available, it may be the best spot to consider installing a pool.

Intimate Spots

A small pool provides a comfortable relaxation spot, whether you are swimming with a special someone or alone. You can put a small adjacent to the patio or into a corner of your outdoor space, where you are able to highlight the structure with beautiful landscaping and architecture features. Consider a dripping rock fountain, a shade-offering umbrella, or tropical flowers.

Small Pools can be Elegant

Given that the pool will probably occupy a lot of your outdoor space, adding an elegant pool will transform your backyard’s look and of your property as a whole. So if you are not pleased with your outdoor space for any reason, installing a pool as a renovating project will help provide it with a complete facelift and enhance your property’s curb appeal.

small pool ideas

Small Pool Ideas – Conclusion

Regardless of which shape or material you choose for your small inground pool, you’ll also want to be aware of how much space you’ll need to add outside furniture or a deck around your pool. An experienced Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita can help you figure out what would work in your small outdoor space.