Oftentimes, we hear from our family and friends something along the lines of “I love your pools, but I just can’t fit a pool in my backyard.”  Or, even “Even though I want one, I just don’t have the time to maintain a swimming pool.”  These are common and understandable points, but when if you find yourself in that group of people, there’s a solution!

Small Pools are the Perfect Addition to Your Small, or Low-Maintenance Yard

We go over small pools (or, “spools”) here on our website, but let’s talk a little more about specific examples and why a small pool might be perfect for you.

Very commonly, the biggest factor you run across in dense, suburban areas built in the last decade are incredibly small lots (in comparison to traditional quarter acres or more).  These houses may be pricey and in very nice areas, but acreage is at a premium.  You wouldn’t think you could fit a swimming pool in the ten-foot wide area behind your house, but you’d be wrong.  A geometric swimming pool may fit perfectly.  Take a look at the photo below.  The home owners managed to fit a small pool AND a spa in their tiny space, and still leave room for some beautiful accent landscaping and decor.

Small Pools Can Take Up the Entire Backyard

But small pools aren’t just for small yards.  Some owners don’t want a pool to be the highlight of their backyard for style, maintenance, or other reasons.  A small pool would fit perfectly as an accent piece in a well-groomed yard.  Imagine having a pond, but instead of a place for the fish to swim, you have yourself a pool for swimming on hot days, and relaxing in a heated pool on the hot ones.  Below is a perfect example of a ‘spool’ or ‘swim-spa’ (this one is heated when desired) serving as a piece of a whole, instead of the main attraction.

Small Pools Can Be Accent Pieces

Regardless of your reasoning, a small pool, or ‘spool’, may be perfect for you.  Premier Pools and Spas are experts in managing the fine line between form and function when it comes to small pools, and can help you design and build the perfect small pool to fit your particular needs.  If you have a small space to work with, and feel you may not get to have the back or side yard you always wanted, think again, and give us a shout!

Small Pool in Tight Space

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