A spool is a combination of two words; pool and spa. Spools are much smaller than standard pools, measuring about 10 to 16 feet in length and 6 to 8 feet in width. This is the reason why they are also commonly referred to as small pools. You can think of a spool as the best of both worlds, combining features of a spa and a pool. It is important that you consider installing a small pool in your Tucson backyard.

small pools

You can be interested in installing a small pool because of your circumstances. For instance; the backyard is smaller and cannot fit a regular pool, the budget for installing a standard pool is too high, you want the versatility it offers just to mention a few.

Your spool might have these features depending on the design:

  • Water feature
  • Current generation system
  • LED lighting
  • Built-in seating around the perimeter
  • Robust heating system
  • Powerful spa jets

Exercising in Small Pools

Going for a swim in a spool is not the same as swimming in a regular sized pool. This is because small pools come with powerful jets that make a swirling current against which to swim in. This makes it a full workout in a small swimming space. But when using a small pool to work out your muscles and cardiovascular organs, the temperature should be low to avoid quick muscle fatigue. The best way to use the spool is to have morning swims for complete workouts, then later in the evening heat it up to create the perfect temperature for relaxing, and therapeutic purposes.

small pools

A couple of models include a detachable partition which makes it easy for a person to use the small pool as a hot relaxing spa, while another person can comfortably do laps in the cooler section of the pool.

Total Luxury

Most homeowners take a pool construction seriously since it is an important investment. Installing a small pool in your Tucson backyard is simply more fun.

Great for Any Special Event

A small pool offers enough depth to relax in during the summer season but you can use it as a spa during the cold months. Spools are also less expensive because of less maintenance as well as their size.

Before Making any Commitment

However attractive the small pools are, they are not for everyone. It is advisable to locate one and test it out before settling for it. If one of your family members or friends has one then it would beneficial for you when making the decision. You can easily come to the realization that you need a regular sizedĀ  pool to complement the small pool. Then again, you might find out that a hot spa is all you want to relieve your body of tension and all the other health benefits that accompany a small pool.

small pools

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