Are you looking for a way to make your Dallas outdoor living space more interesting and appealing? You can try an inground pool. It is the best feature to transform a dull yard into a big appeal for the entire family. It’ll It will always be perfect for entertaining guests. And do not give up the idea simply because you have a small yard. Depending on your yard’s size and shape, the pool can be custom-built. There are also small pools and many amazing designs and shapes to consider.

small pools

Here are the reasons why small pools work best for small backyards:


Because of its size, small pools may easily lack aesthetics worth. To make the most of the look of your backyard oasis, try adding specialty features. It can be hazardous getting into a small pool because of its small size; thus, you can incorporate a stylish entryway. You can place stone steps on both sides of the pool that which results in an elevated lounging spot.

Incorporating LED multicolored lighting within your backyard pool will improve night entertainment. If you intend to install the pool in the corner of the yard, think about lush landscaping. The correct plantings will add shade for small pools. Think about planting ash trees and evergreen elms around your Dallas pool.

Care and Maintenance:

The maintenance of small pools might actually be more inexpensive than a big one. Because of its size, a small pool doesn’t require too many cleaners and chemicals. Making sure filters and pumps run smoothly, pH testing, shocking the pool, and calcium levels, the still remains important. When it comes to heating a small pool, pool owners can expect a great decline in their heating bill. Lastly, pool owners with these types of pools spend less money. This cost will include operating their heating systems, testing kits, and chemicals.

small pools


No matter the size, a pool can increase your property’s value. Small pools installations follow the same process as bigger ones, but with less labor and time. Installation of spools can take less time, in contrast to a bigger pool.

Cement and concrete decking surrounding your pool needs little maintenance. Cement can get rid of rocks, dirt, and debris near the water, greatly minimizing the period of time it will take to clean up the pool. The sealant in concrete decks will protect the pool from chlorine, which can often result in staining.

Shape and Size:

The size of small pools allows for more relaxation time. Spools’ dimensions are often 9 ft. L by 5 ft. W or less than 600 sq. ft. Pool owners enjoy their pool based on the shape of the pool. If your spool is in a lap design, you’ll be able to to swim regularly. For small kidney-shaped, clover, and round pools, relaxation is popular.

small pools

Interested in Your own small Pools?

Small pools add fun to your outdoor space in Dallas. A small space shouldn’t stop you from investing. Spools are easy to manage, affordable, and eco-friendly. They can minimize maintenance and energy bills, need less water, and use up fewer chemicals and energy. By using a mixture of stone and decorative ceramic tile accents, you can add to the appeal of your small pool. If you are thinking about installing a small pool, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas today!

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