Looking for a way to make your small yard more interesting and appealing? Try adding a spool! It is the best feature to transform a dull backyard or decking area into a huge attraction for the entire family.

A swimming pool in the yard is a welcome feature. It lets you have fun and relax. Also, it will often be perfect for entertaining your guests. However, when your yard and decking area is small, a pool may appear to be an unachievable dream. Not so with these small pools.


Image source: miserv.net

A spool is built much like a common inground pool, and owners can choose from vinyl-lined, concrete, or fiberglass construction. Automated control, heaters, pumps, water features, filters, and a full selection of accessories are available to offer spools all the convenience and comfort of bigger pools. Elegant water and lighting effects can make the spool and decking area appear much bigger and even more welcoming.

Benefits of owning a spool?

Simple to maintain

Because it uses up a small area, you wouldn’t need to go through the stress of cleaning the surface. Also, it will save you time since cleaning it up will not take too much of your time.

Saves space

You can easily fit small pools into your plans, whether your yard is small or you don’t need to use up big space for a swimming pool. Having a spool will make sure that your backyard will have spaces for other things.


Image source: miserv.net

Easy to install

You can install a spool into various spaces without experiencing any difficulties. Additional fencing may not be needed, and you may not encounter any issue during digging like bigger pools excavation.

Offers year-round usage

No matter the weather condition or season, you can use and enjoy your spool.

Different uses

The spool can be kept warm for hot water therapy, and may also be kept cool for swimming. It goes well with all purposes.

It may be economical

In comparison to bigger pools; you don’t need to spend much to have a spool fitted. Even if your budget is small, it is possible to have one right in your yard and have a great time.  Also, spools are perfect for relaxation and workouts.


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Maintaining your spool

For sure, having a spool right behind your yard can be great; however, it needs some bits of maintenance. Pool experts can help you in maintaining your spool and decking area.

Below are some basic tips you need to know:

  • One of the blunders that must be avoided is adding too much chemicals, as they can damage the walls of the spool. You should always use the proper quantity of chemicals.
  • Clean the walls, steps, and benches using a brush.
  • Drain and refill your spool. Your pool’s structure has to be refilled. This needs to be done every 3 to 5 years.
  • Test the level of chlorine twice each week and use the correct quantity if necessary.
  • Know your pool’s level of pH and alkalinity. You must test the pH level in the water twice each week. You can purchase testing strips to complete the task.
  • Clean the debris in the skimmer, water pump, and vacuum.

Small yard? Consider a spool with a stunning decking area!