Pools swimming can be an amazing addition to a home in Santa Clarita, but not all properties have space for a large inground pool. What should you do if you do not have enough space to set aside for large pool? Don’t worry; there are lots of ideas for small inground pools that might work for the space you have.

small inground pools

From a small circle inground pool in your backyard or a small vanishing edge pool on your deck’s edge, there’s a lot of choices for small backyard pools. Small inground pools are a good choice for smaller households, smaller households, or if you simply feel like setting aside lots of backyard space to a pool.

Pros of Small Inground Pools

  • Workout- Swimming is a good way to get workout that’s enjoyable as well. While small inground pools do not have the size to offer the extensive swimming that a large inground pool can, simply splashing around in the water is ideal for you.
  • Beat the summer heat – On hot summer days, there’s nothing as good as swimming. A pool, even a spool, can offer the best option to sitting indoors in the air conditioning. Small inground pools do the work perfectly.
  • The appearance –Swimming pools bring an aesthetically and appealing element of outdoor space. Even small inground pools can enhance a backyard space significantly.
  • Less space used– If you’re thinking about a pool at all, but don’t have space for a large pool, or even do not want to dedicate the bigger type, a spool will work best.

small inground pools

  • More economical to maintain – The smaller your pool is, the less you will need to spend maintaining it. Power to run the pool pumps and chemicals are minimized as a pool gets smaller.

Can small inground pools have the same features that full-sized pools have?

Yes, they can! It’s possible to add any pool accessories or features that you want to your small inground pool. A few of these features include pool heaters, deck, automatic covers, pool lights, and slides. And if you wish to incorporate a tanning ledge or any other feature, you can add to your pool design.

Backyard Size isn’t an Obstacle to Pool Ownership

Most homeowners want to install a pool in their outdoor space to enhance their outdoor fun and lifestyle. A new backyard pool can be life-changing! Most urban homeowners in Santa Clarita have the vision and desire to maximize their outdoor spaces. You can bring your dream pool to reality by adding a small inground pool, garden, and patio, into your outdoor space for an oasis of fun and relaxation.

small inground pools

Your Dream Backyard with Small Inground pools!

When you install small inground pools in your outdoor space, you will discover very fast you’ve created your own private paradise. If you want to have a backyard vacation spot, you need to contact one of our pool experts at Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita. We can assist you as you’re making choices about your small pool. This will allow you to get the results you want out of your design process and construction. Now is a good time for you to get started!

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