Sol Rosenshein Shared Their Premier Pools Story 1

Customer Name: Sol Rosenshein
Location: Yucca Yalley, California
Date: 04/28/2018

Pool Designer: Jason and Michael from palm desert ca office

How Has Owning a Pool Changed Your Family’s Life?
Owning a Premier Pool changed my family’s life by providing us with a resort lifestyle in our own backyard.. the inviting sound of the waterfall cascading from the jacuzzi to the pool makes us feel like we are constantly on vacation and the pool really is the focal point of our backyard – we get more relaxation and exercise than ever before

Where Did Premier Pools & Spas Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?
I spent approximately 6 months researching several pool companies that could accommodate what I was looking for in an I ground pool- Ironically Premier Pools was the first company I interviewed and after researching 3 other pool companies I went back with My first choice and that was the best decision I ever made – why? Because they listened to my needs- they worked within my budget- they gave me time to process my decision without being aggressive and they were very knowledgeable with choices and what could work best in my backyard area- they were so honest and even told me about price incentives that were coming up with the company – I got so much bang for my buck ! The whole process of design and construction went smooth and they worked with me every step of the way- they even helped me with landscaping ideas- materials from tile to descking and over all construction is of high quality and it shows – they exceeded my expections and worked with me like a family member