Pool owners in Temecula can greatly cut down their pool heating expenses by installing solar heaters. They have low yearly operating expenses! In fact, the most cost-effective solar energy use in most climates is solar pool heating.

solar heaters

Whether you are remodeling your existing pool or planning on installing a new custom inground pool, one thing you need to consider is energy efficiency and cost-savings. Here at Premier Pools and Spas of Temecula, we consider lots of factors when building pools. This will include energy-efficiency, quality building, style, and more.

Reasons for investing in solar heaters include:

Easy maintenance and efficient:

Solar heaters are the most simple to maintain and efficient pool heaters available. These kinds of heaters function by using large solar collector panels to draw energy from the sun. Cold water is pumped through the panels, and the sun’s heat warms the pool water before it’s channeled back into your pool. This process will save you from costly electricity and gas bills. It is also perfect for the environment since it utilizes no fossil fuels.

Keep the pool cool:

A little known fact about the solar heaters is that they are able to actually reduce the temperature of a pool too. By running a solar heater overnight instead of during daytime hours, circulating pool water will cool a number of degrees. This makes the pool water much comfier the following day.

solar heaters

No need for electricity:

Not only do solar pool heaters help you save money by using minimal electricity and no gas, but they’re also the most environmentally friendly kind of pool heater on the market. Solar heaters need no electricity to get the sun’s heat. Furthermore, most pumps should be adequate to pump the pool water via solar collectors. Hardly any need for maintenance and low operating expenses are simply a few of the reasons why these heaters have become some of the most sought after ways of heating swimming pools.

Tips and features for using solar heaters:

  • It will save you money on electricity and gas bills
  • Use them together with a solar cover to retain the heat inside the pool
  • Works with just about all pool pumps and needs no updates
  • Designed to keep your backyard oasis warm year-round
  • Eco-friendly, minimal electricity and no gas
  • Can heat and maintain a pool’s temperature by 10 to 20°F
  • You can use it a solar heater to extend your swim season by a few months
  • Simple to set up anyplace and hardly any maintenance
  • Can be expertly installed by an experienced Premier Pools & Spas technician
  • Ideal for usage with both above ground and inground pools

solar heaters

Solar Heaters – Conclusion

A few things you should remember when you’re planning on incorporating solar heaters are your area’s average weather, the pool pump system, nearness to the roof (where the solar panels are usually positioned), and more. You’ll find lots of things to get around when making a decision, and we’re more than glad to assist. Our expert designers are knowledgeable in constructing your dream pool efficiently. They will also design the pool to incorporate a heater. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula today to see how we can assist you to add solar heaters into your backyard oasis!

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