While you are enjoying your swim in your Oklahoma pool, don’t let your kids miss out on the fun. The paddling pool or wading pool is a great way to let kids splash around in cool water. Since these are shallow water sections, kids can enjoy the pool experience in a safe way. However, adding warm water or heating the water constantly can be a bit of a problem. But you find that the best solution is to use solar heaters.

Pool Heaters in Redding

Solar Heating Reduces Costs

If you pay huge utility bills, including heating costs of your pools, then turn to solar heating. Instead of using old and outdated pool heater, using a solar heater can cut down the costs. In fact, it works even more efficiently than gas or electric heaters. Furthermore, the sun’s energy is free fuel.

Rather than getting a new heater, add a solar heating system to your existing equipment. For instance, if you have a spa addition, combine your traditional heater with a solar system to fire it up. Likewise, you can heat the water in your children’s pool too.

Energy Efficient Alternative

As solar heating systems rely on the sun’s energy, but not on exhaustible resources. Therefore, you can also extend the swim season. Since solar energy is a renewable energy source, there is no chance of running out. This means you will get the required energy from the sun forever. Hence, this makes solar heating a much healthier and energy efficient alternative. Whenever you want to use the kiddie pool for your children, you have the fuel at the ready. Thus, it also becomes an environmentally healthy way to heat your wading pool.

Use Solar Heaters in the Night

When you say the sun’s energy, you might think that it is possible only during the day or during warm temperatures. Although the heating system needs the sun’s presence, it can work in the nights and cold weather too.

The solar heating system stores the sun’s energy for a while in its system. This way, it can keep your pool warm even when the sun doesn’t show.  Particularly if you have the habit of bathing your kids in the evening, you can heat your wading pool.

Solar Heating Benefits for Your Wading Pool 2

Working of Solar Heaters

Solar heaters have collectors, a combination of tubes, which collect the sun’s energy. Typically, you place these collectors on your roof. Similar to other heating systems, you first set your pool temperature. When the pool pump circulates water into the filter, it gets cleaned and returns to the pool.

A portion of this passes through the solar collectors and becomes warmer. Immediately when the water reaches the set temperature, an automated sensor detects this. Next, another set of tubes sends this heated water back into your pool. If the weather is cool, the flow control valves detect it and send the cold water into these tubes. As the water keeps entering the solar collectors, the temperature goes on increasing. In addition to using a solar heater, use a solar pool cover during the day to help retain the heat. Otherwise, the water gets evaporated and heat gets lost.

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