Being a dog owner is great especially when you watch them swim during the summer season in your Souderton backyard pool. Most dogs love swimming, and their happiness is obvious when they jump into the pool water going after a stick or tennis ball, then with excitement get it back to their owners. There are lots of Souderton pool safety tips for swimming with your furry friend that need consideration as the summer season draws near. Like humans, the ability to swim varies in each dog, as well as their ability to learn to enjoy the pool water safely.

Souderton pool safety

You should keep in mind that although a swimming pool is a good addition to your Souderton outdoor space they can also be hazardous. Souderton pool safety is not only for people. It is also essential to know that dogs and other animals should stay safe. Keep in mind, dogs usually do not see the same hazards you do, so to them leaping in the swimming pool is simply enjoyment and not possibly unsafe.

Here are some important Souderton pool safety tips for your dog when they’re in or around a swimming pool:

Use safety measures when the dog is around water:

You should not allow your dog to swim unsupervised. If the dog has access to a swimming pool at home or while you’re on vacation, ensure there’s a safety fence or safety cover. The best choice at home is having a permanent, secure fence. But ensure it is something your furry friend cannot scale or leap over. Another great option is a detachable fence if a secure fence isn’t possible.

Souderton pool safety

Install an alarm into a pool:

If you do not have a lot of time and usually leave your furry friend unsupervised in the backyard, ensure safety by installing an alarm. It may be best if you attach a pet alarm around the dog’s collar to help prevents accidents.

Beat the heat:

Make sure you keep the dog hydrated by putting fresh water in the pool area so they can drink. You can help keep your dog’s water cooler longer in summer by using chilled bowls. Also, use an umbrella to create a shady area for your furry friend to relax when they are longing at the poolside.

Get a life jacket:

The ideal way to prevent accidents is by giving your dog a life jacket. You should make sure that life jacket fits the dog properly.

Souderton pool safety

Souderton Pool Safety – Keeping Dog Safety in Mind!

If you’ve not constructed your Souderton pool yet, you can ensure that you consider Souderton pool safety for your dog while you’re constructing. There are lots of things to consider but making it simple to enter and exit the swimming pool is one of the key things to do so your dog stays safe. We’ve been constructing pools for more than 30 years and have knowledge about constructing pet-friendly pools. If you want help with your design, make sure you call us so we can help make your pool dream a reality.

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