When we suggest you to go green with your South Florida pool, we aren’t talking about swimming in algae. When we suggest going green, we mean energy efficient and environment friendly. In this article, we are going to talk more about what you need to know when you want to go green.

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Go Green and Keep the Environment Clean

Solar Covers

Using solar covers will bring you multiple benefits which includes keeping debris out, keeping evaporation to a minimum, reduction of chemical consumption and they also help to heat your pool. You will find your pool heating costs will be reduced 50-70% as well as reduce the amount of water needed to be added to your pool by 30-50% and when it comes to chemicals you need to use, it can reduce these costs as well since your pool‘s chemical use could be reduced by 35%-60%.

go green

Where You Place Your Pool

When you are thinking about how to go green with your pool, you may not be thinking about pool placement, but this is an important factor. If you are building a new pool, make sure to talk to us about the best location in your backyard. Remember that the sun’s path changes by the season. The more sun your pool gets, the warmer it is going to stay and the more shade it gets, the cooler it is going to be.

Your Pool Pump

If you have an outdated pool, you might want to talk to your pool company about an energy-efficient pump that is rated for your pool’s size. You should look for the smallest pump you can get for your pool to reduce costs. If you have an energy-efficient pump and combine it with variable speed operation, you could get as much as 75% savings over the original pump you had.

go green

Heating Your Pool

If you want to extend your pool season, you can install a pool heater. Make sure to ask us which option is the best for you since there are three options: gas, solar and heat pump. Solar usually lasts longer than gas and heat pump pool heaters but you are going to have to put out more money upfront. If you want to heat a pool for a short time then gas is most efficient since it can maintain the desired temperature no matter what the weather is like. Heat pumps use electric to capture heat and move it around but they don’t actually make heat. While they may cost more than gas, they do usually last longer and have a lower cost of operation. Solar and heat pumps aren’t going to allow for year round swimming but you will be able to extend the swimming season.

Go Green Options

If you want to know more about go green options so you can be as efficient as possible, make sure to give us a call so we can help you through the process. Allow us to use our over 30 years of experience to help you get the pool of your dreams and go green.

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