When you are looking at your South Florida swimming pool, you may think there is something missing. Poolside decoration will allow you to have a fuller looking pool area that is full of life. Sometimes since we are looking at the pool that we’ve had for a long time, it is hard to think of poolside decoration for it. In this article, we are going to talk about poolside decoration ideas for your pool.

poolside decoration

Poolside Decoration Ideas to Choose From

Your dream pool is sitting there waiting to be enjoyed. There is something that is missing but use these poolside decoration ideas below to fill up your poolside area and make it look even more beautiful.

#1 – Beautiful poolside furniture will fill up the area around your pool but it will also allow you to have a nice area to lounge. Many people like to add a daybed to the side of their pool to go along with the table and chairs that are basically a given when it comes to buying poolside decoration furniture.

#2 – Landscaping is one of the best poolside decoration ideas since plants, green spaces, and other landscaping elements can change the whole look of the backyard making the pool look like an oasis.

poolside decoration

Photo courtesy of prestigelandscaping.us

#3 – Pool lighting is another way to make your pool look drastically different. Whether you get lighting that is plain white light or you get lighting that is colored, it still gives a different look to your pool area.

#4 – Adding some color with throw pillows, bright outdoor rugs, and pool cushions will make your pool come to life.

#5 – Pool floats are fun whether you are on them or not. Simply having them there to look at or watch other use them is fun and visually delightful.

#6 – Install a firepit inground or above ground and it gives your pool a fun element with the fire and water together.

#7 – Add a sound system to your backyard. While it may not necessarily be meant to be a poolside decoration, it still looks cool and allows you to have extra fun at pool parties.

poolside decoration

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

#8 – Grab some umbrellas or put a pergola to give some shade to the area. The heat can be extremely hot in south Florida so extra shading is always a good idea.

#9 – Grab some toys such as basketballs, beach balls, pool noodles and volleyball nets.

#10 – Put your own personal touch on your pool. Maybe you like unicorns. Get some unicorn themed decor and let everyone know how much you love them.

Poolside Decoration – Conclusion

As you are thinking about your poolside decoration, you could have it planned before you get your pool installed or you might want to wait until you see how everything is laid out. Make sure to give us a call and we can help you with the planning and implementation of your project. We have been doing this for over 30 years and would be more than happy to create another satisfied customer.

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