The Best Essential Oils for Your Spa Aromatherapy

When life gets a little too hectic, it’s always nice to kick back and relax. Obviously your spa is going to be a great place for some tranquility. Now we know it’s nice to just sit back in the warm water and shut your eyes, but have you considered taking that process to the next level?

Aromatherapy is a pleasantly fragrant relaxation tool. It’s all natural and can work wonders on the body and mind. So here are a few ideas from  The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy.

A few notes to keep in mind. You shouldn’t use more than 6 drops of essential oils in your spa at a time. Oils are strong so don’t overdo it, when 4-6 drops should be sufficient. Also, be sure to buy oils that contain a low oil base concentration since that will be better for your spa.

So are you ready to start your therapy? Consider the day you’ve just had; Has it been a stressful day? Drank too much coffee, worked too hard, didn’t get enough sleep last night, etc? Consider mixing and matching some of the following:

-Geranium is widely acknowledged for its profound positive effect on the emotional state.

-Rosemary works as a physical and mental stimulant allowing you to feel revived.

-Chamomile is revered for its calming qualities.

-Lavender positively affects mood and the whole body.

Maybe you just need your body to chill out a little? Your blood pressure is too high, and you just feel a bit too worked up? Try some lavender and marjoram.

Perhaps you strained some muscles in your last workout and man they are still aching! For that, the book recommends 3 drops of marjoram and 2 drops of lemon in the spa. Then, you can have a nice long sit in the water to sooth the ache.

Whatever you decide on, Premier Pools & Spas recommends you lean back and enjoy it. You’ve had a long day and you deserve it.

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