Each and every detail is essential when considering investing in a spa pool in SW Louisiana. You should choose the size, the kinds of jets and the number of seats that you want to have. One essential feature, which often gets less focus than it needs, is the spa lighting. It has an amazing effect not only on your pool’s aesthetics but on its functionality too. You can use some advice that will help you to make the correct choices concerning lighting.

spa lighting

What to Consider When it Comes to Spa Lighting:

Choose the Color of your Lights

This is an entirely personal decision, but you should make it very carefully. Think about the surrounding environment and the ambiance that you desire to create. Most pool owners choose different variations of green and blue since these colors always look great in and around swimming pools. Purple is very stylish! One way to solve the problem is to choose an LED system with several colors that you can change according to your mood.

Compare the Kinds of Lights on the Market

There are two main kinds that you need to take into consideration. The halogen lighting is affordable and has a pretty long useful life. The LED pool lights are now the more widely used choice. The reason being they use up approximately a fifth of the energy that their halogen counterparts need. In addition, they provide you with more color choices too.

Think About all Lighting Choices

There are three main spa lighting choices you can use together or separately. The chain and topside lights are considered mandatory since they let you use the different controls. They are beneficial to have even if you use your pool and spa the only at daytime.

spa lighting

The Underwater lights installation was of once considered a fancy extra; however, this is no longer the case. These lights will make your pool look stunning at night. In addition, they will help everyone using your pool to find their way around easily. Another benefit is that people feel more comfortable when they get into a well-illuminated pool at night.

Cabinet lights are among the most important choices that you can get as well. Install these lights on your spa pool’s sides, usually along the middle line of the outer walls. Usually, there’s a single light per panel; however, it might be possible to get more installed. This choice is beneficial should you want the surroundings to be better illuminated. This is very helpful if there’s not plenty of space or if swimmers run into hindrances on their way to your pool.

Regardless of what spa lighting choice you use it will be well protected. Most accessories work with construction processes, which can connect the lights to the spa’s electrical source. This is to allow them to turn on easily without being affected by the water in your spa.

spa lighting

Spa Lighting – Conclusion

Spa lighting is just like any technology; it is advancing and providing you with better performance, more features, and greater convenience. Whether you’re remodeling your existing pool and spa, or want to construct your dream pool, make spa lighting a top priority. Do you want to see how lighting can transform a pool area? We’ll happily offer you a few examples. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana today!

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