Getting a Pool? How about a Spa?

Have you been considering building a pool in your backyard? Have you considered a spa?

Spa benefits

There are the obvious benefits to a spa. The relaxation and the therapeutic advantages.

The hot water is great for any sore muscles. Whether you pulled a muscle carrying your kid around for an hour (because he hasn’t quite realized how big he has gotten), or maybe you overtaxed your body on your last visit to the gym. A spa could be very helpful for all of the above as well as a soothing and beneficial aid for the mind and body.

And that’s just the obvious benefits. There is also that great aesthetic of the pool and spa combination when they are designed together.

Spa and pool design

If you want to go swimming when it’s cold out, economically it’s easier to manipulate the temperature of the water in a spa. A pool has roughly 1000 times more water and it requires a lot more energy and money to heat in comparison.

Also if you are a little worried about putting your kids in the big pool, the spa is a great option for getting your kids comfortable in the water. With the built in benches and shallow depth, a spa can be the worry free alternative area for kiddie swimming.

At the end of the day why not pair up your relaxing spa with your fun pool and get both kinds of enjoyment out of your water based activities!

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