Southwest Louisiana residents are looking to make their pools more natural. If you are one of those people then you can use the following natural pools as inspiration for your new pool construction.

Premier Pools & Spas is the #1 Pool Building company in the nation, and they are the people you want to contact when you’re searching to make your inground swimming pool more eco-friendly. We have several options for you to choose from to make your pool more energy efficient.

Natural Pool Inspirations

Get inspired by the look of these natural pools, then you can start designing your own backyard oasis. Natural looking swimming pools are beautiful because they easily blend in with the atmosphere around them, and they don’t disrupt the look of nature. There are multiple benefits to natural swimming pools, such as, the eco-friendly equipment, and the natural look it provides, not to mention it doesn’t disrupt the ecosystem surrounding it.


Boarded off Pools in Nature

This gorgeous natural pool gives you the access of a normal pool but the feel of a natural pool. The surrounding areas give you a beautiful place to look out into as you are swimming in the pool. Like an infinity edge design would provide, this swimming pool as a low almost indistinct edges.

pools in nature

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Natural Pools accented with Beautiful Greenery

With this natural pool design, you wouldn’t have even guessed this was a swimming pool. This beautiful natural swimming pool acts as a natural pond. The additional waterfall features towards the back of this natural pool brings the whole design together. Imagine lounging near your pool with the subtle sound of water flowing down the rocks.

Spectacular Natural Pools 1

Perfect Natural Oasis

This natural oasis has all the elements you need for the perfect backyard. A subtle entry to your natural swimming pool, and the raised yet attached spa. elegant water features cascading into the water. Plus, there is the perfect amount of shade with umbrellas and tall trees combined. This swimming oasis has the perfect combination of water and natural elements to provide a relaxing staycation. 


pool maintenance

Creating Your Own Backyard Oasis

After looking at several natural pool designs, you may be inspired to create your own pool that will enable you to experience this kind of environment as much as you would like. Being able to experience a natural swimming in your own backyard is something many people can only hope to do.

Premier Pools & Spas want you to have the completed natural experience in your backyard. Contact us today if you’re interested in building a backyard oasis with some natural elements.

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