Installing a swimming pool is a great way to upgrade your outdoor space in Phoenix. By adding water features to your pool you’re adding an even greater way to transform your otherwise static backyard into a tropical oasis. Water features are great for creating stunning visual effects in your outdoor space combined with soothing sounds. Whether your preparing to install a swimming pool in your Phoenix home, or you already have one, you should certainly consider spicing it up with one of these amazing features.

Santa ClaritaWaterfall

Whether you’re remodeling or just building a new swimming pool, adding a waterfall is a great way bring life to your pool. Waterfalls typically require little to no maintenance while adding motion and calming sounds to your backyard; creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Waterfalls are diverse water features that can be designed in a number of shapes and sizes to give your home a “one of a kind” appeal.

Santa ClaritaDeck Jets For Your Phoenix Home

Deck jets send graceful arcs of water from the deck into your swimming pool to create relaxing ambient sounds and add elegance to your outdoor area. They can be casted into your gunite pool wall, installed into your deck, or incorporated naturally into your landscape.

Like waterfalls, deck jets are great for drowning out noise in your backyard. If your Phoenix home is located close to a busy street then motion water features are a great way for you to eliminate noise. Just think about the relaxing to the calming sound of water cascading over huge boulders on your newly installed waterfall ,as opposed to cars honking loudly. Unarguably a waterfall sounds much better!

Spillover Spa

By installing a spill over spa, you’re combining the relaxation of a swimming pool with the luxury of a spa. Like other water features, a spillover spa can be installed before or after the installation of your swimming pool. Owning a spa and swimming pool gives you the best of both worlds. While having a swimming pool is great for relaxing with your family having a heated spa just a few steps away is a great way to amplify the relaxation and fun.

Santa Clarita

Decorating the area around your swimming pool with planters is a great way to add color to your outdoor space and make it appear more natural. You can choose plants of your choice and integrate them creatively to enhance you pool.

Premier Pools & Spas of Phoenix specializes installing a variety of water features. Recently we had the opportunity to work on the backlot of the Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood for the hit show “Animal Kingdom”. We were called in to build a pool for the show and delivered a phenomenal looking pool in record time, much to the happiness of the show’s producers who were nice enough to give us a rave review on our work. But don’t just take our word for it, watch this short clip for yourself.

Interested in Your Own Swimming Pool?

Contact Premier Pools & Spas today! We’ve been building swimming pools across the nation since 1988. We have a passion for splashin’ and want to be able to build you the backyard of your dreams.

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