Understanding the anatomy of St. Louis swimming pools can help you as you are keeping up with their maintenance. If you know what you are doing as you are taking care of the pools, you are likely to get better results and be able to keep your pool clean. In this article, we are going to talk more about swimming pools and their anatomy.

swimming pools

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What You Need to Know About Swimming Pools

At the very basic level, a pool is a structure that holds large amounts of water. Each of the swimming pools is different and needs its own care so understanding the anatomy of swimming pools is important.

There are inground and above ground swimming pools, some swimming pools have tile, vinyl, plaster or fiberglass. No matter which type of pool you have, their main goal is to help you stay cool in the summer, provide entertainment and exercise.

The Type of Water In Your Swimming Pools

swimming pools

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There are different types of water systems people have depending on where they live and this causes the make-up of your water to be different than another pool. You may have city water which is of course provided to you by the city. It is plumbed to your house from the city’s main water supply. When you look at well water, it comes from a well in the ground on your property. The main difference between city and well water is the chemical make-up of city water is controlled by a facility that is specifically to treat the water and when it comes to the well water, you have to control it.

Your well water usually has more minerals which could include copper and iron. These can be bad for your swimming pools and copper could cause blondes to get green hair after swimming. If you have well water, there are a few extra steps involved in chemistry.

How Your Swimming Pools Are Made Up

swimming pools

You have the main drains, return line and skimmer. These all need to be operating properly so make sure you keep an eye on each of these. Ensure there are no parts that are broken or cracked. You also need to make sure there are no clogs or other challenges taking place in any of these essential parts.

There are main parts of swimming pools but then there are extras you can install to make your pool more comfortable like a heater or more convenient like a chemical feeder so you will be able to easily feed chemicals into your pool.

Properly Maintaining Your Pool

Making sure you have the proper chemical make-up in your pool so you are able to keep your pool running optimally is important. If you aren’t sure how to take care of your pool, speak with a pool professional that will be able to help you guide you to a custom plan for your type of pool. Not all pools are the same so making sure you get a custom guide is a must. Feel free to contact us for help.

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