When you are thinking about getting your pool ready for Summer in St. Louis, you may want to give yourself a refresher course that way you do the best opening job possible. A successful pool opening is important that way you can start swimming and enjoying the rest of your Summer in the pool. In this article, we are going to talk about getting your pool ready so you can have fun in the summer sun.

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Getting Your Pool Ready – It’s Time

You may have been waiting to open your pool until you were sure it was warm enough. Now is a great time to get your pool ready for your family and friends to take a dip. Here are some tips that will help you do a great job.

Give Your Pool a Deep Cleaning

Algae will start to grow on your pool’s interior and needs to be scrubbed with a stiff-bristle brush to get it off of the surface. You may need to use a rag with chlorine to remove all build up that has collected. You do not want to forget cleaning the skimmer basket either. You should at least clean the skimmer basket on a weekly basis.

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Take Care of Chlorine Odors

We have all been to a pool that is overrun with chlorine odors. It doesn’t make for a great cleaning environment and it is recommended that you shock the pool to get rid of this odor.

Change Your Pool Filter

While it would be nice if our pool filter could last forever, we need to remember that it is not going to work that way. We need to make sure to replace clogged filters so we are able to keep our pool clean and in proper working condition.

No More Sunscreen Residue

Have you seen the sunscreen residue in the pool but aren’t sure what to do about it? This gross residue can easily be taken care of by putting a tennis ball in the water since it will attract the residue. You can then take the tennis ball and wash it off outside of the pool.

pool ready

Summer Fun In Your Pool

Now that you have everything taken care of and are ready to take care of your pool you can start planning your Summer fun. Getting your pool ready doesn’t have to be stressful, but once you have it done, it does feel great to know that you have everything taken care of.

Pool parties are a lot of fun and now that your pool is open, it is a great time to throw one. Whether you are going to be casual or throw a themed party, your guests are sure to love the fun in the sun while keeping cool in the water. The Summers can get very hot but when you have your pool open and can hop in for a cool down, it makes the Summer much nicer.

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