On March 17, you’re ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your own backyard. A St. Patrick’s pool party needs a theme that you must follow.

Green is the color of this festival. So, if you are thinking to add a fun flare with green color in your pool, consider your choices beforehand.  You can dye your pool in green using the chemicals or other substances.

Dye or Not to Dye the PoolSt. Patrick's Pool Day Fun in Your Backyard Oasis 1

Coloring the pool water needs gallons of dye. But, the aftermath doesn’t end here. Post-party cleanup is the real challenge for you.

So, what can be your options to add the fun quotient to your St. Patrick’s pool party?

Most of the pool experts vote against dyeing the pool for a party. Not only it needs about 45 pounds of dye but also it can alter the water balance in the pool. The chemicals and substances in the dyes can be harmful to the chlorine and pH level of the pool. It can result in a bacterial infestation of the water.

Now, imagine taking swims in this contaminated water. It exposes you to recreational waterborne diseases if you swallow the infested water. Also, there can be worse effects caused by unbalanced pool chemistry. Sometimes, it can even affect the lungs of people in proximity to the pool. You may suffer from breathing issues due to contaminated pool water.

In the worst case scenario, your pool water may not turn into sparkling green color that you need. Rather, it may become an unsightly murky green pool that you wouldn’t want for an outstanding party.

Probable Pool Damagespool tiles

Using chemical dyes for St. Patrick’s pool party is probably not the route you want to take. You will put your pool to the risk of damage by adding any color to its water. The color may stain the tiles and deck of the pool. Moreover, the exhaustive scrubbing of these stains can damage the surface, tiles, and deck. It is a time-consuming chore. So, it’s better to think of other ways to add the fun flare of St. Patrick’s Day to your backyard oasis.

How Can You Turn Your Pool Green Without Dyeing It?

If a green pool is what you need for St. Patrick’s Day party, you needn’t dye your pool water. Instead, you can go for other creative options like colored LED pool lights. The LED lights are not only bright and effective but also easy to install. You can install them under the water in your pool to give it a green effect. It matches the theme of the St. Patrick’s pool party without actually coloring the water. There are no risks of pool damage or waterborne illnesses.

For complete fun on St. Patrick’s Day, you can also plan some creative ideas and turn your backyard into a green oasis. Choose party décor and table settings in green color to complement the theme. Also, throw some green party floats and pool noodles into your swimming pool.

Hence, dyeing your pool is not a wise idea for St. Patrick’s Day party. You can still have fun wrapped in a green theme without dyeing the pool water.