Getting your swimming pool installed in your Houston backyard is a wonderful moment. We know you and your loved ones want to get your swimwear on and jump into your pool. However, much like it was a process to select the best swimming pool for you; it’s a process to install an inground pool. On average pool installation Houston might take 3 weeks from start to finish. More complex pool projects might take a lot longer.

Pool Installation Houston

Things to consider for your pool installation Houston:

Pool materials

If you decide on an inground pool installation Houston, you will want to choose the pool building materials. You will have a choice between fiberglass, vinyl and concrete.


These are the most costly, and most common, kind of swimming pool. Concrete pools are usually referred to as Shotcrete or Gunite pools. The reason being, pool builders pump wet concrete via a hose and onto steel-reinforced walls. The moment the concrete cures (dries), the professionals plaster, trowel it smooth, and have it painted plastered.

The good thing about concrete is that it’s possible to form it into shape or size for a truly custom swimming pool. It usually requires between 3 and 12 weeks for a pool installation Houston. That is longer than other pool types. However, concrete is the most durable, the strongest type of swimming pool. And contrary to other inground pools, you can update, refinish, rebuild, or enlarge existing concrete pools.


This Fiberglass has a reputation as being one of the cheapest types of inground pool. A shell that’s factory-made is put in an already dug hole in your backyard. Fibreglass pools often use fewer chemicals, because the gel-coat finish is durable and is non-porous. The installation will take as little as 3 days.


Pool building entails putting a flexible, one-piece liner into a prepared hole. Then, it is attached to a steel or aluminum-framed wall. There’s a limited variety of shapes and sizes on the market; however, the installation can often take 1 to 3 weeks.

Pool Installation Houston

Pool design and shape

Pool installation Houston is a huge decision, so you want it done right. You want a useful and beautiful addition to the delights of your backyard space. Think about these factors as you contemplate the layout:

Landscaping. Consider how your Houston pool will fit into your backyard setting. If your outdoor space is already landscaped, you want the pool design to match it. If your inground pool is a new yard’s first element, you will have the flexibility of constructing the landscape around your selected design.

Budget. How much money are you intending to spend? Are you flexible?

Space. Look at your backyard’s shape and size. Its measurements will determine what’s possible when it comes to pool shape and design.

Swimming pool maintenance tips

Once your pool installation Houston is complete, do not disregard the continuing challenge of keeping it safe and clean. As you’re planning your budget, setting aside both time and money; do not forget things like:

  • A cover
  • A vacuum
  • Skimmers
  • A water testing kit
  • A heating system
  • Pool chemicals

Pool Installation Houston

Ready for Your Own Pool Installation Houston?

Whether you have budget worries or building challenges for installing a new inground pool in your backyard, our experienced Premier Pools, Houston staff can often find a solution. Feel free to contact us to help you choose the right inground pool to suit your needs!