When it’s time to open your pool for the upcoming season, there’s a lot to contemplate. If you are looking for a new installation, considering Arizona pool designs and choosing the right type of pool are a few essential steps that you can’t ignore. Selection of the best pool pump is necessary to keep your pool in the operative conditions. Here are the steps to make the right choice:

Consider the Pump Types

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Pool pumps are evolved in their technology and designs in several ways. You can buy a single speed pump or invest in a variable speed pump depending on your needs. A single speed pump has a motor that spins the impeller only at a single speed. But, it lacks the efficiency and speed that comes with dual speed pumps.

As it’s obvious, a dual speed pump has two speed options. The high speed works at the pace of a single speed pump while the lower speed user lesser energy but with lesser efficiency at pool water turnover. Variable speed pumps are the costly choice. But, they come with long-term benefits. They use a permanent magnet motor that produces lesser friction and results in high efficiency.

Consider the Horsepower

The power exuded by the pump is important to determine its efficiency. If you buy a pump having more horsepower, it will turn the water at a faster pace. This results in shorter periods of running the pump and lesser cost of utility. The selection of horsepower depends on the size of the pool filter as well. If you have a small filter, the pump with high horsepower may not be effective. So, choose a pump that produces sufficient horsepower to work at an adequate rate for turning over the pool’s water volume.

Consider the Motor Voltage

The pool pump comes with two options for connecting it. You can either hard wire the pump into the electrical system or use an outlet to plug them. Before buying the pump, consider the motor voltage to choose the right option. Check if the pool pump runs on 110 or 220 volts. Determining the right voltage becomes more important if you need a pump fan or inground pool.

Determine the Size of Pool Pump

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A wrong size of your pool pump can affect the efficiency in the long run. Hence, before shopping around for the pump, know about the size of your pool and water volume as well. To determine the pool volume, you can take help from the pool builders. It is simple for a rectangular or square pool. But, Arizona pool designs with round or oval shape involve complex calculations to find the water volume. Here, taking help of the experts makes more sense. Also, consider the flow rate or volume of water passing through the pump for this selection.

Consider the Durability

Although pool pumps are designed for longevity, there may be some exceptions. Therefore, you should take caution and make sure to buy a genuine product. Look for the longer warranty periods and check the reputation of the manufacturer before buying.

These are some important steps that can help in finding the best pool pumps. Consider Arizona pool designs, size, and all other factors for this selection.

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