All of us have a budget we should adhere to and one of the first questions asked is the cost of a swimming pool. As a homeowner, you should know the cost of your new San Antonio pool. This is to help you make decisions on what kind of swimming pool to install and what you can afford when it comes to other landscaping features. Most of the final San Antonio pool cost has to do with the building process involved and the material used.

San Antonio Pool Cost

One expense most people do not consider is the continuing pool maintenance cost. Take into account the cost of maintenance when determining what swimming pool will suit your budget within. Whether you go for a vinyl liner, concrete or fiberglass pool, here are the cost considerations to keep in mind when deciding on your pool budget.

1. The pool’s size:

The most popular factor that will increase the overall San Antonio pool cost is its size. As the pool’s size increases, so does the price of the additional materials needed to construct the swimming pool along with the job onsite. The excavation and soil removal costs of constructing the pool in your San Antonio outdoor space will increase.

2. The pool’s features:

For homeowners who want a swimming pool that’s simple yet stylish in design, we have pool choices that meet this aesthetic. But for those in search of a pool full of features such as a splash pad or built in spa, we have pool designs that suit that need too. We also provide water features, spas and tanning ledges that you can add in the pool space. It all depends on your budget and what will best suit your needs. Premier Pools, San Antonio pool builders do have a choice to suit just about any function.

San Antonio Pool Cost

3. The finishes:

The finish you choose for your backyard oasis is another factor that adds to the overall San Antonio pool cost. The most affordable finish is concrete, which results in a fully-tiled swimming pool. You can even choose other finishes; however, remember that this will increase the San Antonio pool cost. It will depend on the look you want and the aesthetics to offer your pool. The more you spend, the better the look of the landscape around your pool. No matter what finish you select will impact the durability and your pool’s resale value too.

4. The Kind of lighting and decking:

Just like there are lots of choices for a pool’s features and size, the amount and type of decking you select will vary in cost. Some pool decking options include wood, concrete, pavers or natural stone. You’ll also find a range of different lighting choices such as landscape lights and pool lights.

5. Fencing:

The cost of fencing is another additional cost with regards to the overall San Antonio pool cost. It is essential to have a fence around the pool particularly when there are little children around. The fence will form a barricade between the children and the swimming pool and can stop any accidents. The kind of fencing and the amount of footage should also be considered when calculating the pool’s overall cost.

San Antonio Pool Cost

San Antonio pool cost – Conclusion

Are you interested in knowing more about the many factors which make up the San Antonio pool cost? Please get in touch with our friendly team at Premier Pools & Spas of San Antonio today for more advice and information.

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