In the process of pool construction, excavation is a major part. Pool excavation requires heavy machinery and expertise of professional pool builders. It is a messy process that’s unavoidable to build a pool. Before initiating excavation, a professional draftsman will measure your property to ensure accuracy in the work. During the procedure, they discover the oversights if any and draw up a construction copy. Excavation begins after you obtain the building permits. It is scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you. Here’s what it takes to excavate the ground to build a pool.

The Process of Laying Out the Pool

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Depending on your construction plan, the pool builders physically layout the shape of the pool in the backyard ground. Tradesmen use marking paint to highlight the layout. Also, they use string lines, stakes, and wood forms to mark the area to excavate. The physical layout may include the area for pool decking as well.

The contractor will ask you to inspect and review this physical layout and its location before digging starts. It works as a guide for the excavation crew to begin their work. Here, you must remember that it is difficult and costly to make changes after the process begins. So, examine the layout carefully.

Prepare for Digging

The process of pool excavation is messy and significant to building the pool. Initially, it is not only an eyesore but also a noisy undertaking. For an attractive outdoor retreat, you need to bear these inconveniences. Typically, digging takes not more than one day for residential pool projects. However, if you choose a complex configuration or a larger pool size, excavation may take place over two days. Here, there are challenges like underground obstacles and soil instability as well. The professionals tackle these challenges to complete the process within a stipulated time.

Make way for Big Machinery

Pool excavation requires heavy and big machinery to dig the hole. Mostly, if access to the yard is easy, the contractor uses large earthmoving equipment to excavate. However, if your yard has tight entry, it is difficult to pass a track hoe or dump truck through it. In these cases, a small bobcat will be used, though the process will take 2-3 more days and higher costs of excavation.

Hauling Away the Waste

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After digging the hole, a tremendous amount of soil and rocks will be moved from your backyard. The excavation crew will haul it in a dump truck on the same day. In some projects, a portion of soil is left behind to make fresh earth available for backfilling the hole. It helps to prepare the area for deck installation and to level out the ground.

Take Caution

The hole in your backyard will be wider than the actual pool dimensions. This extra space is needed to place the framework of reinforcing metal and concrete shell. You should be careful around the excavated part. Keep the children and pets at a safe distance. Sometimes, the edges of the hole are vulnerable to crumble. So, do not step near the open site.

Many unexpected events like weather, hard rocks, or utility lines can delay the process of pool excavation. Here, you can trust the experienced pool builders to complete the process within the stipulated time.

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