The threat of car pool-related puns continues…

jeep in pool

So in yesterday’s blog post, we talked about the German driver who modified his BMW into a rolling swimming pool. As we noted then, that is NOT how you make a car pool.  So this week, a driver in Ohio took the opposite approach when she broke up a pool party by landing her jeep in the middle of an unsuspecting swimming pool. Thankfully, nobody in or around the car was seriously injured. On a down note, photos indicate that the driver failed badly at making a three point landing in the pool.

The owners of the pool were hosting a pool party to celebrate the beginning of the swimming season after having completed several weeks of pool repairs and renovations. One of the party attendees was just jumping in the pool when he heard a loud splash, and apparently thought that he had done an epic cannonball before he cleared his eyes and realized that an SUV had crashed through the backyard fence and headed directly for him. Luckily he and two other people in the pool managed to clear out of the way before the car entered the pool.

The would-be cannonballer made his way over to the now-sinking vehicle, pushed aside the driver’s seatbelt, and pulled her free of the wreck as she struggled for breath “and kept saying her brakes were bad.”

It’s unclear as to whether bad brakes contributed to the accident, but police hinted at a different opinion when they charged her with driving while intoxicated. The driver had been traveling down the street out front at about 30 to 40 miles per hour when she lost control, flew down a driveway, took out the fence and proceeded to be a pool hog.

To cap it all off, eventually a crane had to be contracted in order to remove the car from the pool after it was found that a tow truck wasn’t up to the task.

Now if the news could please stop trying to provide car pool stories…